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Ice Coffee Shake – to Cool Your Gorgeous Summer Body

Ice coffee shake with espresso & maple syrup - ATLS

I am slightly addicted – just a little bit – I can go a day without, but I rarely do – I prefer it in the morning, after lunch and dinner – It keeps me very satisfied – it is perfect combined with chocolate – it keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer – do you have a guess?
Well of course I am talking about coffee… I love coffee. I would never dream of not drinking coffee, why? Simply because the cons does not come near the pros in this case, not to me at least. I am so lucky that I do not feel any side effects what so ever from coffee or caffein. I just enjoy the taste, aromas and flavours. And I love it in anything from

Ice coffee shake with espresso & maple syrup - ATLS

Now that we have entered summer I still have my regular and beloved steaming hot coffee with a splash of milk. But a couple of years ago I learned to appreciate the awesome concept of ice cold coffee – also called Ice coffee, aha!
It is actually an incredible alternative to any cool, sugary, ice summer shake. I love both a regular ice coffee – which is basically a cafe latte with cold milk and ice cubes. But when I am to spoil myself – I crush the ice, cut down on the milk and add a splash of maple syrup – heaven!

Organic coffee - ATLS

I was actually reminded of this snake a couple of weeks ago when a colleague and I made about 4 batches of shake in one day – a very hot and long one. It was adorable and I think we convinced a couple of the other guys that this is the summer drink!
A wonderful thing about this shake is that it basically consists of water. It contains the oils from the coffee, a bit of syrup and a splash of milk, but you’ll get cooled, hydrated and get that bit of sugar you often need when you are in the sun. If you do not prefer caffein you can make it from decaffeinated coffee. The syrup can be excluded or replaced by any kind of sweetener and you can use soy/rice/almond/oat and cows  milk. So unless you for some strange reason do not like coffee :) there is no excuse not to spoil your beautiful self with this lovely summer shake..

Ice coffee shake with espresso & maple syrup - ATLS

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Ice coffee shake
Makes 1 big shake or 2 smaller

2 espresso shots / 3-4 tsp instant coffee powder + 1/4 cup water (0,65 dl)
1/5 cup milk of your choice (0,5 dl)
2 Tbsp maple syrup or liquid honey
8-12 ice cubes

Optional add ins
Whole coffee beans
Cocoa nibs / cocoa powder
Liquorice syrup / powder

Make the shake
Make your espresso shots – or dissolve the instant powder in the water.
Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until all the ice cubes are crushed.
Serve the shake straight away… enjoy!

Ice coffee shake with espresso & maple syrup - ATLS

Comments (9)

  • That looks so refreshing! I can only have coffee in gentle doses, but yeah, this calls out to me…

    • Wonderful – It is a great treat – hope you’ll like it. You could also sub half of the coffee with cocoa powder, just to cut down on the coffee doses :)

  • I am living on this right now, mmm!

  • Yum! This looks amazing I ´m in love with iced coffee and this looks like an extra refreshing treat for summer

  • 1/5 ?
    one cup of milk?

    • yes 50 ml :)

      • Yum!
        Just tried it!
        However, i did have a problem with the honey.
        It has slightly solidified, it didn’t dissolve and blend with the rest of the ingredients due to the really cold temperature of the ice and milk.
        Is there a way around this? Would i have to slowly heat up the milk with the honey and liquidize with the rest of the ingredients once at room temperature?



  • Love this!! I guess I am a little late to the post, I found the pic through Tastespotting. I heart coffee as much as you do. I’ve been trying so hard to cut back, but it is so darn hard. I’ve been doing better at cutting back, but will never quit cold turkey. Your photos look delish and refreshing!


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