Creamy Cottage Cheese & Spelt Dessert with Peaches & Pistachio

Creamy cottage cheese with pearls, peaches and pistachio

Today it is seven years since Jonas and I officially became a couple. It was on the night of his high school graduation – where he asked me (litterally he did) if I wanted to become his girlfriend. I was head over hills in love – and that summer became one of my absolute best and one that I will never forget.
We aren’t always celebrating this particular day – I even think we forgot it last year, but today I keep thinking on that very special night seven years ago. We have remembered to set some time aside and tonight we will have our own little summer-love celebrations  with a light dinner, a movie and this little sweet dessert treat!

Creamy cottage cheese with pearls, peaches and pistachio

One of the things I love about my man and our relationship is the fact that we both share a passion for food. I must say that I am the creative (and working) soul behind our meals, but the love of fruit, vegetables, healthy eating, nutrition and trying new restaurants are something that we share in our everyday.
It is absolutely wonderful to always have a critical and honest guinea pig when I am testing recipes. And I love the fact that I can serve anything from, vegetarian vegetables dishes to bean cakes without ever hearing a complaint or a ‘yiirk’. Tonight will not be any different since we are having a light meal with fish and vegetables (no red steaks or bbq) and I will be serving up this healthier dessert, which I for a fact know that he loves – since he has been eating it all of last week!

Creamy cottage cheese with pearls, peaches and pistachio

I was actually inspired to make this dish based on a recipe I have on a whole and alternative version of the classic rice pudding that we normally have on Christmas eve. I know that we are literally as far from Christmas as we could possible be right now – but what to do when you crave a good old rice pudding and can’t wait another 6 month to splurge on it again… you simply create a summer version!
It is a very simple recipe, where you basically just mix a portion of leftover grains with whipped cream, vanilla sugar and cottage cheese. Then you can top it with whatever seasonal fruit you’ve got and perhaps some of the nuts and seeds you have in your pantry.
It is a lovely, cold and creamy treat that is definitely satisfying my summer cravings and tastebuds. Take your time, use some leftovers and make a batch to enjoy on this lovely summer night.

Creamy cottage cheese with pearls, peaches and pistachio

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Creamy cottage cheese and spelt with peaches &  pistachio
Serves 4 as a dessert

Creamy cottage cheese with spelt pearls
4/5 cup cottage cheese (200 g)
1 cup cooked spelt pearls – other grains will work too (130 g)
1/3 cup cream (150 g)
Vanilla beans from 1/2 pod + 1 tbsp sugar / or 1 Tbsp vanilla sugar

2 peaches (or some other fruit or fruit compotes)
2 tbsp of chopped pistachio or nuts of your choice

Nutrition Info
250 kcal pr portion

Creamy cottage cheese with pearls, peaches and pistachio

Comments (9)

  • sounds like a nice summer pudding!

  • These peaches “paraguayos” in Spanish
    are so sweet and its fleshy has so great texture…
    And I love pistachios, they are my FAV nuts.

    Wonderful & Delicious to EAT in OPEN AIR!!

    • I love these peaches too, they are definitely one of my favourite (imported) summer fruits :) Hope you’ll have a wonderful summer as well.
      All the best from josephine

  • Det ser super lækkert ud! Elsker hytteost, så det må jeg helt sikkert prøve en dag :) Lækker blog i øvrigt!!

    • Tusind tak :) Ja, mit hjerte banker også for hytteost, og jeg synes denne dessert er et skønt eksempel på, at man sagtens kan bruge det i det søde køkken!

  • What a beautiful dessert. I love the fact that you can create a special light but delicious meal to enjoy… there’s nothing worse than over-indulging and then collapsing on the couch wanting to go to sleep (especially on a date night!). Congratulations to you and Jonas for reaching the seven year mark! Wow! Hope that you’ll enjoy many more to come! xx

    • Thank you so much! And oh yeah how I know that feeling of being too full – guess it is what happens when your love of food is a little extreme, but what the hell better a little stuffed than not appreciating one of the most glorious gifts Mother Earth is providing us with ;)

  • just thought I’d let you know I made this yesterday and absolutely loved it! Simple, fresh and super satisfying..will make it countless times, especially now that I’ve got tons of peaches at hand :-)

    • How wonderful, I think it might need to make this recipe soon now that you reminded me :)


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