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Chocolate Paleo Bites a la Lagkagehuset

Chocolate paleo bites a la Lagkagehuset - A tasty love story

In Denmark we have several food related traditions and products that I am proud of and appreciate a lot. Some of these are increased organic produce and consumption, old traditions for growing and consuming whole and fiber rich grains, continuing to cook and eat at home above buying take away and of course all the nordic products varying from; berries, stone fruits, apples and pears during summer and autumn – followed by root vegetables, chestnuts and cabbage during the colder months.
For me the magic happens when we are able to combine all of these things – Seeing organic bakery shops around town using both whole grain and gluten free flour and locally produced dairy and eggs. Or go out into the forests and picking berries and apples during summer and turn them into nordic classics home in our own kitchens.  And being able to buy and cook with national produce during the different seasons.
Living organic is a huge priority to me, and I am so pleased that the organic sections in the super markets are growing and seeing new products arrive all the time. This development is important especially when thinking about animal welfare and the environment + it makes it easier and cheaper for me as an organic consumer, win win!
The argument for buying organic  animal products does not only include animal welfare, though we love those happy jumping cows on grass right, but it also includes an upgrade of the products we buy. Dairy products and meat from cows on grass (april-october) contains a much healthier fatty acid profile due to the cows increased consumption of grass! And it has further been shown that these products have more flavour – which can be reflected in the fact that an organic summer milk contains 248 flavour compounds – that’s is like an expensive red wine!

Chocolate paleo bites a la Lagkagehuset - A tasty love story

In this post I thought it was time to combine some of my danish food passions and make the magic happen! For a while I have been a little in looove with small tasty bites from one of those lovely bakery stores we have. They are from ‘Lagekagehuset’ and called ‘Choco Rye’. They are a combination of danish sourdough rye bread and chunky pieces of dark chocolate – rolled in hazelnut! I have been enjoying a bite once in a while, but I thought it was time to try a grain free version of these – using the now a day famous  paleo bread as a base. And I have a great tip for ya all: For an easy peasy version just  use an organic paleo bread mix, e.g. from urtekram.
The result was lovely, you get all the crunchy texture from nuts and seeds that taste amazing when tasted in the oven. And their flavour is perfect when combined with aromatic and slightly sweet dark chocolate. They fill you up – and enjoyed with a glass of ice cold organic summer milk you have the perfect afternoon or post workout snack!

Chocolate paleo bites a la Lagkagehuset - A tasty love story

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Chocolate paleo bites  a la Lagkagehuset
Makes 10 bites

1/2 package of ‘Stenalder br ¸dmix’ from Urtekram OR  250 g mixed nuts and seeds + 1 tsp psyllium husk
2 large organic eggs
100 g chopped dark chocolate
1 Tbsp coconut sugar or sweetener of your choice
0,5 tbsp raw cocoa
1 Tbsp coconut oil, soft
3 Tbsp water
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp coarse sea salt
50 g finely chopped hazelnuts

Whisk together eggs, spices, half of the salt, oil, cocoa and water. Add the 250 g of mixed nut & seeds and the dark chocolate, mix well together. Set a side for 30 min to let the psyllium and seeds soak a little bit to make the dough more firm and easy to handle.
Preheat oven to 175 ºC / 350   ºF (no fan). Line a baking sheet. Now it is time to make  balls out of the dough. It is a help if your hands are a little wet with water –  then the dough will not stick to your hands. Make around 10 small balls, roll them in the chopped hazelnuts, and gently place on the baking sheet – give them a little firm press on the top to flatten them a bit. Sprinkle with flakey sea salt.
Bake in the oven for 30 min – remove and set a side to cool completely. Serve them with a big glass of cold organic milk. They keep well in the fridge for up to a week and they freeze well too.

Chocolate paleo bites a la Lagkagehuset - A tasty love story

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  • Any excuse to have a big glass of milk is a good excuse. These cookies are lovely! So full of goodness.

  • This looks so delicious – the paleo bites look awesome!

  • Josephine,

    Thanks for this amazing recipe! I just move to Denmark and a month ago and Im starting to love danish food. The choco rye cookies at Lagkagehuset are one of my favorites here. I love the paleo and grain-free twist and I look forward to your next recipe.

    • Hehe, that is so funny, was wondering if any one would recognize this original treat :) Glad you like this version too!!

  • These cookies look crunchily delicious! I love your photos too… :)

  • Those look incredible. Pinning so I remember to try soon!

    I have been watching the organic/health food section grow around here– I’ve been living in Malaysia for the past 4 1/2 years, and it’s been slow, but steady! Wonderful to have more options. Even our produce is finally starting to improve.

    • Oh that is awesome – actually visited Malaysia last summer, and did kinda got the vibe that these things were coming up – so cool!

  • Jeg har lige bagt disse fantastiske chocolate paleo bites, de er faktisk stadig lune fra ovnen : ) Jeg er også kæmpe fan af Lagkagehusets chokorug, og jeg bager ofte en hjemmelavet version baseret på almindelig rugbrødsdej tilsat mørk chokolade og hasselnødder, men da jeg så din paleoudgave, vidste jeg, at den måtte jeg prøve : ) De er jo hammergode! Jeg holder meget af at følge med på din blog, hvor der altid er god inspiration at finde! Jeg har dog aldrig kommenteret før, og jeg blev derfor helt i tvivl, om jeg skulle skrive på dansk eller engelsk. Din blog er jo på engelsk, hvilket jeg har absolut intet imod, men for mig virker det en smule tosset at sidde her og skrive på engelsk fra dansker til dansker. Hvad foretrækker du? At dine læsere kommenterer på dansk eller engelsk? : )

    • Kære Sofie.
      Sikke en dejlig besked, skønt at du får glæde ud af at følge bloggen og at de skønne choko-bidder faldt i din smag. Jeg elsker at få kommentarer og respons på mine indlæg, det er så fedt at vide at alle I skønne foodlovers vil være med på at eksperimentere derude i de små hjem. For mig er betyder sprog på kommentarer ingenting, overhovedet, jeg kan også godt synes at det virker fjollet at skrive engelsk til skandinavier, men alt er bare tilladt herind, det vigigste for mig er at alle kan være med :) Så tusind tak for din besked!!

  • We just finished a Scandinavia tour and enjoyed amazing bakeries throughout. We finished in Copenhagen and fell in love with Lagkagehuset — especially choco rye. Thanks for posting this recipe.


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