Yoghurt Summer Mousse with Baked Rhubarbs

For me rhubarbs are one of those things that screams ‘summer is here’! Not only are these long stems so beautiful with their almost pink colour and green leaves, but they also classify as a vegetable – and how awesome is that! Most people use rhubarbs in the sweet kitchen where it truly does an amazing job, but I actually love using rhubarbs in more savoury dishes as well. One of my favourite add-in is rhubarb in salads or in wok. You simply marinate thinly sliced rhubarb in apple cider vinegar and honey, and voila, you have a wonderful ingredient for your summer salad or those quickly whipped up woks (here try asparagus & chicken).
Rhubarbs are wonderful in compotes, jam and chutneys as well – but you can also simply toss them on the barbecue and grill them with a splash of honey and serve with ice cream. Yup they are quite versatile, so do not stop yourself – just get going and knock yourself and your rhubarbs-cravings out :)

Yoghurt Summer Mousse with baked rhubarbs - A tasty love story

This lil’ recipe is one of those sweeter rhubarb-dishes! I have baked the rhubarbs with some sugar and vanilla and made a quick compote. It can be stored in the fridge and used for topping on everything from breakfast yoghurt to grilled chicken breast (might wanna cut a little bit back on the sugar if using as a savoury topping).
To accompany the rhubarb compote here I have made a velvet, creamy and fresh yoghurt mousse. It is a very simple dessert to whip up and you can make it days ahead. The mousse pairs perfect with the sweet and slightly sour rhubarb compote and makes a perfect dessert for a warm summer night.
You’ll find the recipe at Apetinas new internation site. I am one of their International bloggers and will each month share a recipe and a seasonal inspiration post with you – so go over there and find this recipe along with much more inspiration from the other talented bloggers.

Find the recipe here

Yoghurt Summer Mousse with baked rhubarbs - A tasty love story

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