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Watermelon Tapas – Grilled & Juicy Wedges with Golden cheese

For a while I have been quite intrigued by grilling vegetables and fruit. My favourites so far have been grilled corn, aubergine and asparagus – and for the fruit part banana is the inevitable bbq queen and combined with chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream you hear angels singing while scooping down the bites.
Watermelon is indeed one of my favourite summer fruits – and as mentioned earlier I almost develop a watermelon addiction during the hot months. But I did never ever thought of grilling watermelon – or did I ? At least I wasn’t sure if I truly believed it would work… but guess what, it did!

Watermelon tapas - grilled, juicy watermelon with golden cheese - A tasty love story

The thing about grilled watermelon is that it gets slightly ‘caramelized’ meaning that the sweet sugar flavour gets even more intense. That is why I thought that dressing the watermelon in savoury goods would be the perfect choice in order to avoid it getting too sweet.
Another important thing about grilling watermelon is to grill it as little as possible. As soon as the cheese gets golden and the watermelon leaks a bit – you should remove it straight away. You’ll then keep the crisp and firm texture of the flesh – but now combined with the caramelized sweetness and delicious golden cheese.
You could dress your watermelon wedges in different toppings. Here I used cheese, a combination of feta and parmesan, but feel free to use any type of cheese. And I topped it with some nuts and dild-oil, but again you could use your favourite pesto, nuts, seeds etc. The important thing is that you try these grilled darlings – and no excuse cause you can grill these in your oven or at the bbq party.

Watermelon tapas - grilled, juicy watermelon with golden cheese - A tasty love story

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Watermelon Tapas
Makes 12-16 wedges

Half a small/medium watermelon
50 g feta cheese
50 g parmesan
A handful hazelnuts, chopped
Fresh mint

Dill drizzle
A bundle of dill
50 ml olive oil
½ clove of garlic
A pinch of salt

Turn your oven on grill and heat it to 225 ºC/425 ºF – or use a barbecue.
Cut the watermelon into wedges, around 1,5-2 cm thickness. Grate parmesan and use your hands to crumble feta cheese and parmesan together. Divide the cheese crumble onto the wedges placed on a lined baking sheet (if using oven). Sprinkle the chopped hazelnuts on top. Place the baking sheet right under the grill at the top of the oven and grill for approximately 8 min. Or place on the bbq, add the lit, and remove as soon the cheese is golden.
Blend all of the ingredients for the dill drizzle until you have a green and creamy oil.
When the watermelon wedges are done remove from heat and let them cool for 5-10 min.
Drizzle the dill oil on to the wedges and decorate with fresh mint.
Serve the tapas as it is.

Watermelon tapas - grilled, juicy watermelon with golden cheese - A tasty love story

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