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Beetroot Patties with Feta & Fresh Mint

Patties, sometimes also called fritters, are one of my absolute favourite foods. There are just as many things to love about them as there are ways to make them. I have different favourite patties for different seasons. Here during summer I have made my light, green favourite Zucchini Patties. When autumn and winter comes it is these beetroot or sweet potato patties that I make the most. And during spring I begin to add leeks, spring onions and fresh vegetables and sometimes turn up on the spicy asian flavours.

Beetroot patties with feta and fresh mint - A tasty love story

Well back to these velvet coloured darlings. The thing I am mostly impressed with by this variant is the magical change in favour that happens as soon as you fry the beets. they become sweet and very irresistible. I paired the sweet and aromatic flavour with the fresh herbs and some salty feta cheese, which I thought was absolutely lovely.
I have made these patties grain free and used psyllium husk instead, because I don’t see any need to add a lot of flour when you already have some great calories and rich carbohydrates from the beetroot. But if you do not have psyllium husk, you can use flour instead, which I have made a note about in the recipe.
I have used these patties instead of meat in a burger, which is going really well due to the fact that the patties are so rich in flavour and texture. But I also love to top them with avocado, vegetables or other goodies and just eat them as a quick lunch.
You’ll find the recipe over at Apetina a long with a the rest of the recipe I cooked up for them :)

Beetroot patties with feta and fresh mint - A tasty love story

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  • These patties look gorgeous! I can imagine how well the beetroot would go with feta and mint, and that colour is amazing <3

  • These look delicious. We have loads of beets ready to eat so this will be perfect for our dinner tonight. Thank you so much.


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