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Dreamy Creamy Dal – the Perfect Comfort Meal

Are you ready for a lil’ friday comfort treat?

As we have established a few times Autumn = Comfort food on so many levels. And at the same time, I would like to spend the majority of my time under a blanket in the couch instead of in front of the stow, so I prefer to make quick comforting and flavour packed meals that are perfect for reheating and enjoying a few days in a row.

Creamy dal - A tasty love story

Dal is super easy to make, really, like it almost makes itself. You can add various vegetables to it, cream it up with coconut milk, cream or yoghurt. Add various spices and tune the chili up and down. I have added some dates here to gave a little extra sweetness and again you can easily use dried apricots, raisins or simply leave them out. I love to cook up a big portion of dal and enjoy it during the next couple of days or freeze a portion down for a rainy Sunday. Dal is definitely a lifesaver and a personal favourite of mine.
Head over to Apetina  to get the recipe + a little story about my first encounter with the Indian cuisine.

Creamy dal - A tasty love story

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  • I really love a good dhal and this one sounds great!


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