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A Tasty Love Story E-book – If you want to save your favourite recipes

Hi Guys
I have been spending the last year making an e-book. It’s a collection of all my favourite recipes from the blog, edited and made nice and easy to use. The reason why I have spend A LOT of time on this, is because I decided to close the blog. I already stopped blogging, and now I basically use this space as an achieve and cookbook. So I wanted to make an actual cookbook, a smarter, more accessible and stable cookbook. And I thought some of you might want it too – so you don’t have to say forever goodbye to your favorite black bean chocolate cake or salad.

The blog will be online the rest of the year – and then I will shut it down. The book has around 120 recipes with a picture to each. I made it very cheap – simply to cover the costs for the graphic. Hope some of you will enjoy it as much as I already do. I think it is SO much easier to use than the blog. Buy the e-book here:


I decided to make all the recipes more simple, and I only use measures: Grams (g), milliliters (ml), tablespoon (Tbsp), teaspoon (tsp) and Celcius (C)
You can find a great cooking converter online and it will be easy to bake with Fahrenheit or use Cup measures :)

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  • I got it and it is really lovely to have your recipes handy

  • I have the book. It is lovely. I have been making your recipes for years. Thank you for sharing your recipes with the world and with me.


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