Beautiful beetroot cake loaded with chocolate

Oh yes, you are in for a treat this time! This cake is simply just amazing, and I really just want all of you to make it straight away to improve your life quality with about 20% within the first bite. Now that’s said, you might wanna know what this fellow is made of. First of all it contains a strange ‘cake-ingredient'; beetroot, and yet such a fantastic suitable one. Beetroot contributes with sweetness, colour, texture and a bunch of vitamins and minerals! Further more there is quite a bit chocolate in it as well, both in the shape of cocoa powder and 70% high quality chocolate, so good!
I always chose chocolate with a high percent of cocoa mass (min 70%) in order to get the most rich and intense flavour. Organic and fair trade chocolate is to be preferred, in order to get the least processed product and the highest bean quality, produced by people under the best possible conditions. Chocolate do contain a lot of healthy antioxidants (flavonoid and phenols), which might (research is still working on giving us more answers) boost your immune system and protect you against cancer and some heart diseases. But more importantly the phenyl ethylamine (one of the antioxidants) can boost the level of endorphins in the brain and thereby enhance our mood and make us feel happy, how wonderful!!

Besides flavor and healthy, whole ingredients texture is really one of the most important things for me when eating a cake. I need a rich, moist and often dense cake to be really satisfied. I love that you can actually feel full after a single piece of cake, which you definitely will after a piece of this. Instead of using regular flour, I chose to grind oats in order to get a more chunky and wholesome flour, which contributes to a dense texture. Coconut oil was selected for the same reason plus it adds a nice flavor as well. Coffee and vanilla are pushing the taste and aroma buttons and are a perfect match to the concentrated chocolate flavor.

All in all it’s just a damn good chocolate cake, which I hope you’ll enjoy just as much as I have done for the past 3 days :) And hopefully you’ll experience the feeling of being high on chocolate!

  1. OlgaOlga10-05-2012

    OMG it looks absolutely stunning! I should try this cake like now!

  2. JinJin10-15-2012


  3. ThereseTherese10-15-2012

    Josephine! This cake simply looks like perfection! I can only imagine how great it must taste! Love love love your blog! Kisses

  4. EmEm03-08-2013

    Hi Josephine
    This looks delicious. Do you happen to know the approximate calories per slice? Thanks

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-08-2013

      Hi Em. I just calculated it. The cake has just about 2000 kcal in total. And I would assume you could have around 10-14 pieces depending on how big you want them. So I’ll say 150-200 kcal a piece :)

      • EmEm03-08-2013

        Brilliant! thanks so much Josephine that’s good to know. I have just taken my first chocolate and black bean cake out the oven and it looks and smells amazing!! Have to try and keep it for friends coming over tomorrow..going to be difficult!

  5. AnnaAnna04-19-2013

    Oh god! This looks so good! I don’t have any coconut oil, is there anything I can use instead of that? :-)
    hugs Anna

  6. SheilaSheila05-28-2013

    Looks really good! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Hubby and I are going to try it this weekend. Do you think it’s okay to used cooked beets in vacuum packs? It would be difficult to find fresh ones in the supermarket…

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