Flower pancakes for summer lovers with handpicked elderflowers from the garden

Elderflower lovers - elderflowers in pancake batter - A tasty love story

And we are off in 3 days… Seriously just 3 days until I am sitting on a plane on my way to Malaysia. On my way to enjoy the sun, street food, heat, water, great books and my man!
As always when you are a few days away from travelling to-do lists and tasks seem pile up! This time it is even more crazy since I am finishing my internship while preparing a handful of blogposts. Because I do plan on posting regularly during our trip – Jonas even bought me an Ipad to bring. So I’ve been doing 5-6 shoots of lovely summer treats – that I’ll reveal to you during the next month while drinking a coconut in the shadow of a palm tree  somewhere in Asia – I love this visual!
But you still need a little to go with now, so I’ll give you this wonderful recipe that I have developed during my internship here in Karolines Køkken at Arla!

It is a rather special but very simple and tasty nordic treat that some might know and others never heard of. I am currently working with a theme: edible flowers. It has been such a blast, and I have finally gotten to play with zucchini flowers, daisies, violets etc. and of course elderflowers. You can see some of my recipes on Instagram – where I document a lot of my crazy kitchen experiments :)
Well, these elderflower pancakes were something that I always wanted to try. It is an old fashioned summer treat that some danish children might have tried while spending the holiday at their grandparents. It was a first for me and I must say I was quite pleased with the result. The taste of the elderflowers are so aromatic, sweet and gentle and you get to enjoy it in every single bite. The flowers are simply dipped in a batter, and for you I made a whole-grain-version with reduced sugar, and then fried on a hot pan until golden. You should try to serve them straight away dusted with powdered sugar and served with something cold and creamy on the side.
In Scandinavia the elderflowers are blooming right now, and they are only here for a short time, until they turn into black intense berries. Be quick, sneak of and collect a big basket of these amazing flowers – make syrups, ice cream and cakes – or just decorate you salad with them! Enjoy and have a wonderful flower hunt!

Elderflower lovers - elderflowers in pancake batter - A tasty love story

I developed the original recipe for Karolines Køkken – spiselige blomster 2013!

Elderflower lovers - elderflowers in pancake batter - A tasty love story

  1. LizLiz07-09-2013

    How beautiful your photos and how delicate the elder blossom! It reminds me so much of my childhood in the UK, when we had lots of those straggly elder bushes growing on the river bank at the end of our garden. My father used to make wine from the flowers and berries (not always drinkable I have to say). Now, I live in Malta, where it’s hot, hot, hot and dusty and dry for 5 months of the year. No green, no elderflowers! I can perhaps substitute with jasmine?! I must have a nordic holiday one year soon to escape the heat. Love your blog recipes – so inspiring to me to get my family to live and eat more healthily! Enjoy your Malaysian holiday. Certainly a juxtaposition of lifestyles and food from your home turf.

  2. shellstenshellsten07-11-2013

    These look wonderful. Elderflower is a fantastic flower. Enjoy you trip to Asia. I spent 6 months last year out and about there – the contrasts are inspiring!

  3. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene07-12-2013

    Oh yes it definitely is. I love asia, currently spænding some hours in China :)and the elderflowers are fantastic as well. Need to find several more ways to use their glorious aroma and taste!

  4. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene07-12-2013

    Hi Liz. What an amazing and romantic description of your childhood landscape, I can almost feel the breeze and taste the wine :) I think you should give jasmines a try, could be fun and delicate! Thanks for your kind words, so glad your following :)

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