Grain free Protein Waffles with Raspberry & Chia Jam

Grain free protein waffles with raspberry and chia jam - A tasty love story

As you might have noticed I have been cooking up a lot of grain free dishes lately. It’s not because I have anything against grains, especially not whole grains filled with fibres, minerals and vitamins. I have just found that my body really prefers a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, dairy, protein and fat. And that is lower in fruit and grains and totally free of refined carbohydrates. Some of the most important changes I have felt on my body is that I do not get hungry in between my main meals, I do not get bloated and I have a steady blood sugar all day long. So I have tried to slowly adapt my basic diet a bit in order to gain these positive bodily changes on a regular basis. Still I do enjoy sweets, especially during the Holidays, and I love to eat out and enjoy all kinds of food as I always have. But in my everyday and my own kitchen I prefer to cook and eat as my body suggests I should.
Luckily I love to experiment and test new foods and cooking methods. I have already found my new favourite grain free recipes and shared some of them here as well, eg. Focaccia, Nut Bread, Granola and Cauliflower fritters. Now it was time to expand my breakfast repertoire for this new year. I remembered this amazing waffle recipe I tried in the fall. I love the fact that it is not only grain free but also filled with natural bio-available protein from dairy and eggs that keeps you full and happy the rest of the day.

Grain free protein waffles with raspberry and chia jam - A tasty love story

Despite the fact that these waffles are both moist and filled with flavour, I still love to add additional creamy things on my waffles. Since jam is normally filled with both refined sugar and starch to add sweetness and texture I wanted to make my own jam free of these things. I used coconut sugar (or a granulated sugar substitute as sukrin gold) to sweeten the jam and to get that perfect creamy texture I added chia seeds. These seeds work as a sponge in the jam soaking all the excess juice from the berries and become these gel-like delicious seeds – absolutely perfect if you want the classic creamy texture of a jam.
If you are in for a more savoury breakfast you can just omit the sugar and spices in the batter and serve the waffles with ham, cheese, tomatoes etc. You can even use the waffles as a wrap and bring it for a delicious snack or lunch. The waffles are super easy to make since you simple blend all ingredients and if you do not have a waffle iron you can fry them on a pan and make pancakes instead.
I served the waffles with jam and yoghurt and a steaming cup of coffee. It was an absolutely delicious combination and it kept me full for several hours. Definitely a new breakfast to serve in this new year!

Grain free protein waffles with raspberry and chia jam - A tasty love story

Grain free protein waffles with raspberry and chia jam - A tasty love story

  1. AnneAnne01-08-2014

    Lyder lækkert! Hvor køber man kokossukker?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-08-2014

      Det kan købes i de fleste helsekost butikker. Men du kan også bruge almindeligt sukker hvis du ikke spiser low carb :)

  2. lizaliza01-08-2014

    these look really nice. i am having a hard time finding a waffle iron that isn’t teflon. where did you buy yours.
    can i use this recipe to make pancakes too?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-08-2014

      Thank you. I do not remember where I got mine, but in Denmark you can buy them practically everywhere. And yep as mentioned in the post you could just as easily make pancakes out of the batter :)

  3. JenJen01-08-2014

    These look & sound absolutely delicious! Is there
    a substitution for the cottage cheese? I’m eating
    Grain free & dairy free… Can’t wait to try the jam.
    I love chia seeds!!!!! Was thinking of adding ground
    Flax to the waffles too

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-08-2014

      I actually do not know what could substitute the cottage cheese. You could try a plant based yoghurt, but I do not know how the batter will react. And ground flax could definitely be lovely in the batter :)

  4. These look and sound amazing! As always, love your recipes and your photography is just beautiful :)

  5. laurasmesslaurasmess01-09-2014

    This is such a wonderful recipe Josephine. Your waffles look perfectly golden and beautiful, I had no idea that they were grain-free before reading the text! I do love the idea of chia in jam too. It’s a wonderful option for those of us wanting the extra nutritional boost and less sugar or jam setting agents. I will definitely be trying your recipe. Now, I just need to find a waffle iron! Hope that you’ve had a wonderful start to the new year xx

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-14-2014

      Thanks dear, I really did have a wonderful start :) Hope you find an waffle iron, I think it is so lovely making waffles, easy and cute! And watch out for the jam…you will get addicted :)

  6. Oh, my! These look like the perfect waffles for me. I have the same ideas around refined sugars and flours and try to remove as much as possible from my daily food. These look so good I can’t believe there is no flour or grains in them. A must try. Very soon!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-14-2014

      Really hope you do, cause these babies will definitely make the sugar and flour free days SO much easier ;)

  7. These really look delicious. I feel kind of the same way about grains at the moment.
    And I love the jam. I have some chia seeds in the cupboard, so I’m definitely going to make it!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-14-2014

      The jam is great, I really need to make a new batch soon too, I have been having maaaany waffles since I posted this, quite addicted already!

  8. this is such a unique recipe. I have been trying to eat less refined grains as well lately but I am a carb person so its been a struggle :(

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-14-2014

      Oh I know that feeling, I at least love carb (dough) foods, but I think that it gets easier and with recipes like this it’s actually no problem :)

  9. Mafalda PinhoMafalda Pinho01-14-2014

    Hello Josephine congratulations!
    Loved the recipe! I’ll try it …… but do not understand some ingredients / quantities
    Sorry’m Portuguese and I live in Lisbon and some products do not know of: (

    - 1 cup cottage cheese (200 g)
    - 1/3 cup + 2 Tbsp cream (100 ml) – You can use a low fat cream, e.g. coffee cream, as long as it is 100% natural with no added starch etc.
    - 1/2 tsp ground vanilla
    - 2 Tbsp psyllium husk

    If you can help me, would greatly! :)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-14-2014

      Hi Mafalda. Great that you want to try the recipe, I’m not sure exactly what it is you do not understand since I added the european measurements as well. But I can try to explain the ingredients:
      Cottage cheese; reminds a bit of ricotta, which you can also use instead.
      Cream is simply a whole cream you would also use to make whipped cream with
      Ground vanilla, just use the beans from a vanilla pod
      Psyllium husk (google it, that would be the easiest)

      Hope this helped a bit, and if you are in doubt with any measures, I find it easy to just google it e.g.: 1 cup in grams.

      All the best from Josephine

  10. AnnmarieAnnmarie01-25-2014

    Can anything be subbed for psyllium husks?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene01-25-2014

      In some recipes they use almond flour, but I have not tested it with this specific recipe. Psyllium is rather unique, so you might need to experiment a bit here :)

  11. HeleneHelene02-05-2014

    Hej Josephine. Fantastisk med denne vaffelopskrift! Men jeg mangler et vaffeljern, og jeg synes det lader til at være svært at finde et som et godt. Kan du anbefale et / hvilket bruger du og er du tilfreds? Hilsen Helene

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene02-09-2014

      Hej Helene. Åh jeg har bar et random et købt i føtex eller lign. Det fungere glimrende og er med teflon belægning og kan varme i 6 intervaller :)

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