Green and groovy pizza with a dairy free broccoli crust

Broccoli pizza with gourmet filling - ATLS

Yesterday was my 26th birthday – pfft it goes fast, but I am loving every single day I spend getting older, wiser (at least this is supposed to happen) and becoming more passionate about so many things. I of course spend my day surrounded by awesome food and people, where I was partly cooking in the kitchen and partly together with my guests – just as I prefer. I did both a paleo inspired brunch for my girls and in the evening I made a nordic inspired tapas for my family. So many new dishes, flavours and textures to share with my loved ones. Curious check out Instagram.

Broccoli pizza with gourmet filling - ATLS

The last couple of weeks I have added a new Food-Club to my repertoire! I have two amazing friends who both study the same education as I, and who also have a weakness for new food trends, experimenting and going all the way. Lately we have thrown ourselves into cooking with weird low calorie almost sic-fi shirataki noodles (recipe will follow) and been quite experimental with our interpretation of the pizza. As you might know I’m already a fan of both the classic pizza but also the well-known pizza with cauliflower crust and I am always up for adding a new favourite to my list, especially when you can sneak in some of those seasonal veggies and cut back on calories.
We have been doing a kind of opposite pizza also known as meatza, were a thin and flavour filled meat crust are being loaded with pesto and veggies. But the one that stole my heart was this green and groovy miracle pizza with a magical combination of all our favourite pizza toppings.

Broccoli pizza with gourmet filling - ATLS

I have been making this broccoli crust for the pizza quite some times now, and I have discovered that you get a wonderful result just by adding vegetables (here it was broccoli + onions), eggs and psyllium husk. This is so very easy and I love the fact that you can remove any cheese or energy filled nut flour and instead load the pizza with all of these greasy and tasty foods. My two food-partners in crime have also been experimenting with using leftover organic vegetable pulp from juicing, which supposedly has been a success as well :)
When it was time for shooting this gorgeous pizza I had of course forgotten all about the creamy goats cheese, how could I?.. I do not know, but it was added as soon as it was time to eat, unfortunately it resulted in cheese-less pictures. You can of course add any topping you prefer as long as you make sure it’s not too wet or else it will soak the crust. But I would really recommend to give our combination a try, it is simply amazing. There is just something about those artichokes combined with that creamy goats cheese that makes flavour explosions in your mouth.
So if you’re up for yet another grain free pizza, looking to sneak in some vegetable in that man of yours, feel like using your juice pulp and minimise your food waste or simply are too curious to let this recipe pas, I am welcoming you in to the world of green and groovy pizzas.

Broccoli pizza with gourmet filling - ATLS

Broccoli pizza with various filling - ATLS

  1. DenaDena10-08-2013

    YUM. That’s all I can think to say, because I am imagining my mouth full of this delicious dish. YUM.
    Thank you! And Happy Birthday!

  2. MillieMillie10-08-2013

    This looks so good!! All the. Cauliflower crusts seem to have dairy I them and I finally found this amazing recipe!! And I bet the broccoli tastes great!!
    Ps. Happy birthday! :)

  3. adelineadeline10-08-2013

    Hello, I have been looking for a gluten free recipe for ages of a pizza as I use a outdoor pizza oven and some friends are gluten intolerant. I will try your recipe very soon.

  4. SikaSika10-08-2013

    Wow, what a great idea to make a broccoli pizza crust. I like to make our pizzas myself, from the crust to the last toppings. It is so much fun and just delicious.

  5. JobeenectarJobeenectar10-08-2013

    Happy Birthday! I love like-minded foodie-friends : ) This looks beautiful.. I love cauliflower crusts so will defiantly try this one out, Thank you!

  6. chefjuliannachefjulianna10-09-2013

    Wow…this is so intriguing! I have not tried this kind of pizza crust, but it sure looks and sounds delicious! I will have to put this on my list of all of the recipes I have found since I started blogging…now I just need a bit more time…

  7. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-11-2013

    Thank you so much, and uh, hope you tried it and that it felt even better in real life :)

  8. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-11-2013

    Thank you so much – and yes thats exactly what I thought a simply pizza base for everyone!

  9. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-11-2013

    Hope it will be success, it sounds very exciting in an out door pizza oven, just remember that the ‘dough’ is more similar to a batter, so it can maybe be difficult to move around in a pizza oven.

  10. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-11-2013

    You are very welcome, and thank you so very much! I also do love all you food-friends who are out there too :)

  11. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-11-2013

    Haha, oh yeah that list can get pretty long I recon. Mine seriously needs to be tended to really soon, but it just keeps on building up, bit of a luxury I guess, but still, wish I had two stomachs :)

  12. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-11-2013

    I completely agree – and it always tastes better and costs let, total win win

  13. AllaAlla10-12-2013

    Happy belated birthday, dear Josephine! thank you very much for this recipe! I tried it and it is absolutely yummy :))) love your blog and photography x

  14. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-29-2013

    I am so glad it was a success and thank you very much!

  15. ElenaElena04-24-2014

    What is “husk” ? Thank you.

  16. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-24-2014

    It is a kind of pure fiber that really binds liquid, great when you are balking without grain :) It is also known as psyllium seed husk, if you do not know it try googling it that would probably be the easiest :)

  17. VallýVallý05-14-2014

    Thank your for this receipe. I have used a base with cauliflower but this is much nicer :)

  18. TamTam07-17-2014

    Is there a substitute for Psyllium husk? Not sure if I am going to find it at my local place and don’t want to wait for an online order.

  19. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene07-31-2014

    You could try to use a defatted grain free flour as almond flour, coconut flour or another nut or seed flour. Or even ground flax seed. But I have not been experimenting with these nor the amount. But I would suggest adding a little more since psyllium does soak up a lot of liquid :)

  20. KristiKristi10-22-2014

    What are the little purple clovers on the pizza? Is this from the field or the grocery? I am not familiar with clovers as food. Recipe looks great. I wanna try it out!

  21. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene10-28-2014

    Hehe, it was just an edible plant/herb I found at the market :) But I see them popping up all sound and they are indeed so beautiful :) Hope you’ll like the pizza

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