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Halleluja it is sunday! A sunny and absolutely beautiful autumn day. The leaves on the trees are yet green, but if you look closely you can see how they slowly prepare themselves to become golden, crispy and ready to turn my world magical. You can feel the autumn in the air and all of this is one big invitation to …

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Chocolate & Coconut Cups with a Hazelnut surprise

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Oh my!! I know you are supposed to be humble upon your own creations – but I’m not gonna make it this time. This little, creamy, flavourful, chunky, heavy, delicious and healthy treat is absolutely one of the best I’ve ever had. My fellow nutrition geek girl friends tasted it the other night fresh from the fridge, and they said …

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Grain free Coconut Porridge with flax and eggs

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I few weeks ago I got the idea to create a grain free porridge. This might seem a bit weird since porridge is literally made out of grains. You can easily come up with a gluten free version (hallo buckwheat and quinoa) and you might even try to sneak in the famous chia pudding to convince some that this is …

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Meatballs in spicy curry with cauliflower rice

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I just spend yet another couple of magical days in Copenhagen. Magical meaning that I get to be with my sister and little niece, see her laughing, preppin lovely meals for them, spending hours after baby bedtime with drinking coffee and talking about the world, dreams and love. On my way home I already miss them – but I also …

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Ginger apples with a thick lemon cream

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I am the busiest of all bees at the moment. The danish Food Festival is just around the corner and I have spend the last couple of days planning, shopping and decorating all kind of deliciousness just in time to present our porridge cookbook and workshops this friday, saturday and sunday. I have already presented one of the lovely porridge …

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Guest post at The Pastry Affair – pancake cake with forrest berries & cream

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In the beginning of this summer I received a very special mail from another oh so talented food blogger. Kristen from The Pastry Affair invited me to do a guest post on her incredible blog. Wow, so far I have only been dreaming of sharing my pictures and words on one of the other blogs I love, follow and get …

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Tofu chocolate mousse with ginger and orange – and a word about organic living

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Whenever I get my eyes on a new food trend, lifestyle or international food culture I simply have to know more about it, play around with it and discover how I feel about. I have been flirting with the vegan and vegetarian kitchen, with all the flavours and cooking methods of asia, with the  paleo lifestyle, with low fat, low …

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Beetroot & quinoa pot with horseradish dressing and crispy bacon

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I am not a fussy eater, at all. I love all kinds of cuisines, new tastes, very green and leafy veggies, meat, sea food, dairy, substitute products for all of this and weird foods like frog legs, the very smelly fruit from Asia and moon cakes from China! But sometimes people have asked; aren’t there anything you don’t like – …

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Summer tapas inspiration – rolled olive tapenade buns

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And we are back in Denmark. Back to a cool and very comfortable climate, a clean and familiar bed, my bike, all of our friends and my own kitchen and cooking, hurrah! It has been awesome not to cook for an entire month and I have enjoyed every single meal but now it is time to get cooking and creative …

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Buttermilk & lemon mousse with fresh strawberries and violets

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The past two weeks pure relaxation and beach life has been replaced with the pulsing and very hot Shanghai city life! I am telling you it is hot! One thing is being at the beach, feeling the cool breeeze, drinking fruit shakes and swimming in the coral sea – there the heat is bearable and actually quite nice, plus you …

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Watermelon, strawberry & coconut popsicles – covered in white chocolate & liquorice

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Okay guys I need to be a little poetic now! I am sitting on a tropical island on the east coast of Malaysia. The ocean is telling its own story all day long with different sizes of waves and temper, even the night is enchanted with songs from the ocean and tropical animals. The island consists of two ‘main’ beaches …

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Creamy spinach with fried eggs

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I recently hosted an event together with a dear friend and colleague of mine themed ‘a good start’. The primary purpose was to increase the awareness of having healthy and well balanced morning rituals – seen from all perspectives both bodily, nutritious and holistic. I did an hour of morning nutrition lecturing, and while preparing the class I did a …

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