Raw chocolate porridge with fresh fruit and fibre

DSC 0027

Oh you guys, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this with you! Not only because it has become my favourite snack meal/breakfast, but also due to the fact that it is a tribute to spring and all the amazing light summer meals that melts our hearts this time a year! I’ve been spamming my Instagram pretty much with pictures of …

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Favourite summer meal – Mustard and herbed stuffed plaice on roasted aubergine

DSC 0099 2

Last year in my internship I was fortunate enough to participate in a national Cherry Festival. And yes it was exactly as it sounds – a festival to celebrate the ripe, sun-warmed and aromatic Danish cherries. There were stands all around with cherry products; ice cream, syrups, juice, wine, and compote…you name it! It was absolutely amazing, I don’t ever …

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Strawberry muffins with white chocolate and chickpeas

DSC 0042

Yeees, I just finished my exam assignment this very moment! Two extremely good looking paper copies are lying here right beside me, ready to be handed in first thing tomorrow. I love this feeling of having accomplished something, even if it is just writing an assignment, but it just feels great and makes you feel at ease. I am not pretending …

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Japanese rice bowl with teriyaki marinated salmon, wakame & edamame beans


There are many reasons why I chose the education I did. I have always been very interested in health, eating an energy balanced diet and treating the body with respect and love. Still having experimented a lot in various ways with how to do this exactly, and always very curious on new trends, research and holistic approaches. The love of …

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Yellow sunshine shake with mango & banana

DSC 0038

Dear Mother Earth… Thank you for your ever lasting glory and spectacular powers. It has been an exciting winter with snow and a lot of sunshine, but now it is time for the flowers and small green leaves to see the light of day and contribute with their beauty and charm. Thank you for the last couple of weeks with sun sun …

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Sesame and honey spread plus some very well deserved bread attention

Sesame Spread And Apples

Oh Nooooo – I just spend 1 hour writing a post that just suddenly disappeared!! That said – let’s move on.. Lately I have been making a lot of different dished both from my own experimental recipes and speaking of…the whole apartment is smelling like chicken, pesto and spinach lasagne right now – SO exciting! But I have actually also …

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Crispy chicken nuggets with hot & sweet potato fries and pickled yoghurt dipping sauce

DSC 0030 2

Hi everybody and happy Easter. I don’t know with all you guys, but ever since I’ve grown up Easter is something that seems to sneak up on me. I almost always forget that Easter is coming – probably something to do with my little major obsession with Christmas – and when it is here it feels more as a little …

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Baked breakfast bars with muesli and raspberries

Baked Breakfast Bars W. Raspberries

Lately a lot of wonderful things have been happening and everything suddenly seem to speed up. It is not more than 8 months since I started blogging and I am still surprised how much feedback and wonderful comments I receive from all of you. Every time I get a new like on Facebook or a new follower on Instagram it makes …

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Apple & Chickpea cake with a lemony cream cheese frosting


Are you up for yet another bean cake?? Yes, I am talking about a cake made almost entirely out of beans. It’s free of grain, dairy, added fat and has a very low sugar content. You might already have tried the black bean chocolate cake I posted a while back, well think of this as its little sister. I still have a …

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Chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter shake with a touch of crunchy cocoa beans

DSC 0018 4

Whenever I get yet another health craze I alway seem to wanna eliminate all the ‘bad’ and ‘unhealthy’ food from my diet in order to establish balance and get rid of sugar cravings (yeah I get them too). But still I somehow never seem to include the elimination of my own sweet creations. It’s not that all of my sweet …

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Mixed super salad w. butter beans, hokkaido and spinach

DSC 0016

Oh my, the sun is shining again!! It is absolutely amazing how you can feel this change throughout all of your body. From one day to another my level of energy has shifted completely. I am smiling all the time, I have crazy urges to wash my windows, buy colourful flowers, wear sneakers and leather jacket, go down town to …

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Homemade bounty with a dark and rich chocolate coating & creamy coconut filling

DSC 0020 Copy1

I don’t believe that there is a single person in this world who doesn’t know what a bounty bar is (apparently called mounds bars in the US). It is a prime member of the chocolate-snack-bar-family and it has cool friends as snickers, mars and twists… Unfortunately these little guys are kinda pumped up on sugar steroids and funny E-numbers – …

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