Summer tapas inspiration – rolled olive tapenade buns

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And we are back in Denmark. Back to a cool and very comfortable climate, a clean and familiar bed, my bike, all of our friends and my own kitchen and cooking, hurrah! It has been awesome not to cook for an entire month and I have enjoyed every single meal but now it is time to get cooking and creative …

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Buttermilk & lemon mousse with fresh strawberries and violets

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The past two weeks pure relaxation and beach life has been replaced with the pulsing and very hot Shanghai city life! I am telling you it is hot! One thing is being at the beach, feeling the cool breeeze, drinking fruit shakes and swimming in the coral sea – there the heat is bearable and actually quite nice, plus you …

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Watermelon, strawberry & coconut popsicles – covered in white chocolate & liquorice

DSC 0076 2

Okay guys I need to be a little poetic now! I am sitting on a tropical island on the east coast of Malaysia. The ocean is telling its own story all day long with different sizes of waves and temper, even the night is enchanted with songs from the ocean and tropical animals. The island consists of two ‘main’ beaches …

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Creamy spinach with fried eggs

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I recently hosted an event together with a dear friend and colleague of mine themed ‘a good start’. The primary purpose was to increase the awareness of having healthy and well balanced morning rituals – seen from all perspectives both bodily, nutritious and holistic. I did an hour of morning nutrition lecturing, and while preparing the class I did a …

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Flower pancakes for summer lovers with handpicked elderflowers from the garden

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And we are off in 3 days… Seriously just 3 days until I am sitting on a plane on my way to Malaysia. On my way to enjoy the sun, street food, heat, water, great books and my man! As always when you are a few days away from travelling to-do lists and tasks seem pile up! This time it …

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Rhubarb clafoutis with vanilla and lemon – or as I would call it: a thick fruit filled pancake

DSC 0019

One thing that is so great about summer is of course all of the fruit and vegetables it brings. It varies a lot all over the world, and even though we enjoy some of the imported seasonal stuff, I prefer and crave the nordic summer goods throughout the entire season. Right now it is peas, potatoes, elderflower, tomatoes and strawberries …

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Creamy cottage cheese and spelt dessert with peaches and pistachio

DSC 0058

Today it is seven years since Jonas and I officially became a couple. It was on the night of his high school graduation – where he asked me (litterally he did) if I wanted to become his girlfriend. I was head over hills in love – and that summer became one of my absolute best and one that I will …

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Pita pizzas with potato covered crust & pea sprouts – topped with lovely leftovers


Lately our fridge has been loaded with all sorts of different leftovers. For some strange reason (or not) the majority of these have been dairy products. My wonderful internship has been providing us with all sorts of tasty samples, products and leftovers from all of the recipe testing – and we are NOT complaining. I am the kind of girl …

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Ice coffee shake – to cool your gorgeous summer body

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I am slightly addicted – just a little bit – I can go a day without, but I rarely do – I prefer it in the morning, after lunch and dinner – It keeps me very satisfied – it is perfect combined with chocolate – it keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer – do you …

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Almond & Oat biscuits with frozen rhubarb clouds

DSC 0059

So much is happening right now… or at least that is how I feel. The summer, heat and love are just unstoppable right now, and I am enjoying every second of it. Yesterday we celebrated Jonas birthday. It was an amazing day – so much sun, so many friends and oh that big barbecue dinner. Last weekend I had wonderful …

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Grilled zucchini rolls with creamy spelt pearls and summer herbs

DSC 0030

When summer arrives, which it officially will tomorrow the 1st of June, a lot of wonderful things follow. Not only can you once again wear sandals, feel the warmth of the sun, bath in the see and eat ice cream every day, but when summer comes barbecue season follows. Since I am not a vegetarian, just a green loving girl, …

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Danish buttermilk & rhubarb summer bowl – my favourite summer treat also called koldskål

DSC 0025 2

I am from a dairy loving family. Ice cream, yoghurt, milk, cheese, koldskål and even more cheese, these have always been stable foods in our kitchen. Running out of milk or yoghurt could create a disaster at home, and I don’t think that my dad would survive an entire day without a piece of toasted bread topped with slices of …

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