Pita pizzas with potato covered crust & pea sprouts – topped with lovely leftovers


Lately our fridge has been loaded with all sorts of different leftovers. For some strange reason (or not) the majority of these have been dairy products. My wonderful internship has been providing us with all sorts of tasty samples, products and leftovers from all of the recipe testing – and we are NOT complaining. I am the kind of girl …

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Ice coffee shake – to cool your gorgeous summer body

DSC 0053 2

I am slightly addicted – just a little bit – I can go a day without, but I rarely do – I prefer it in the morning, after lunch and dinner – It keeps me very satisfied – it is perfect combined with chocolate – it keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer – do you …

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Almond & Oat biscuits with frozen rhubarb clouds

DSC 0059

So much is happening right now… or at least that is how I feel. The summer, heat and love are just unstoppable right now, and I am enjoying every second of it. Yesterday we celebrated Jonas birthday. It was an amazing day – so much sun, so many friends and oh that big barbecue dinner. Last weekend I had wonderful …

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Grilled zucchini rolls with creamy spelt pearls and summer herbs

DSC 0030

When summer arrives, which it officially will tomorrow the 1st of June, a lot of wonderful things follow. Not only can you once again wear sandals, feel the warmth of the sun, bath in the see and eat ice cream every day, but when summer comes barbecue season follows. Since I am not a vegetarian, just a green loving girl, …

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Danish buttermilk & rhubarb summer bowl – my favourite summer treat also called koldskål

DSC 0025 2

I am from a dairy loving family. Ice cream, yoghurt, milk, cheese, koldskål and even more cheese, these have always been stable foods in our kitchen. Running out of milk or yoghurt could create a disaster at home, and I don’t think that my dad would survive an entire day without a piece of toasted bread topped with slices of …

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Granola bars with pistachio, cranberries and white chocolate – with a vegan option

DSC 00381

Summer has come, hurray!!! Mr. Timberlake’s and Mr. Pharrell Williams’ summer hits are streaming from the stereo, a light breeze from the window is playing with my dress and I am drinking lemonade – do I need to say that this is my version of being in heaven! When living in scandinavia summer is something we spend many months dreaming …

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Sparkling summer lemonade with grapefruit and lemon (featured in the guardian cook)

DSC 0061

I am so proud to announce that I have started doing freelance recipe developing for The Guardian Cook. They have been featuring some of the recipes from the blog for a while now – and recently they asked me to come up with even more recipes to fit into their weekly ’10 best recipe’ issues. I am absolutely thrilled to …

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Poached egg on asparagus and creamy avocado

DSC 0098 2

Food and people aren’t really that different. Some are sweet, lovely and more beautiful during summer time. Others are handsome and bulky and thrive best during winter time. There are those who have a hard and cold surface but on the inside they will be soft and irresistible. And regardless if we are talking food or people you’ll just have …

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Rye galettes with caramelized fennel, apple & goats cheese

DSC 0067 2

You know the old say about how you should always have a note blog and a pen at your night stand, because all the good ideas and thought appear just before you fall asleep or during the night. Apparently you are too busy to listen to your brain during the day, that is why as soon as you relax, empty …

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Raw chocolate porridge with fresh fruit and fibre

DSC 0027

Oh you guys, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this with you! Not only because it has become my favourite snack meal/breakfast, but also due to the fact that it is a tribute to spring and all the amazing light summer meals that melts our hearts this time a year! I’ve been spamming my Instagram pretty much with pictures of …

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Favourite summer meal – Mustard and herbed stuffed plaice on roasted aubergine

DSC 0099 2

Last year in my internship I was fortunate enough to participate in a national Cherry Festival. And yes it was exactly as it sounds – a festival to celebrate the ripe, sun-warmed and aromatic Danish cherries. There were stands all around with cherry products; ice cream, syrups, juice, wine, and compote…you name it! It was absolutely amazing, I don’t ever …

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Strawberry muffins with white chocolate and chickpeas

DSC 0042

Yeees, I just finished my exam assignment this very moment! Two extremely good looking paper copies are lying here right beside me, ready to be handed in first thing tomorrow. I love this feeling of having accomplished something, even if it is just writing an assignment, but it just feels great and makes you feel at ease. I am not pretending …

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