Pear Belle Josephine

Pear belle helene - A tasty love story

I will start be apologizing for the title, I know it is cheesy – but frankly I couldn’t resist.
I was developing some dessert recipes for a dairy brand a few weeks ago, where they had a classic pear belle Helene on the menu. I got very inspired and fell in love with the old classic once again, and decided to twist it into my own, hence the cheesy name.
This dessert actually reminds me of a far less exclusive childhood dessert, where we opened up a jar of marinated pears and enjoyed these with a dollop of crème fraiche. Despite the difference in quality the flavor is comparable and I get a little nostalgic tasting it all over again.

Pear belle helene - A tasty love story

The pears in this recipe look stunning – and it is almost not to believe that they are SOO easy to make that it is almost a joke. You can vary them in flavor and color, by e.g. choosing a red grape or blackberry juice instead of elderflower. The classic recipe calls for ice cream on the side and drizzled with dark chocolate, but since the pears are relatively sweet on their own, I prefer a full fat dollop of crème fraiche and a handful of fresh berries.

Pear belle helene - A tasty love story

I could seriously eat this darling from the beginning of the day and end out with a portion for dessert to, and one day I have decided that I will. I would invite you to try it out, and trust me when I say that it is easy peasy and look like a million!

Pear belle helene - A tasty love story

Pear Belle Josephine
Serves 6

6 firm pears
500 ml water
3 dl elderflower cordial, concentrated
Juice from 1 lemon
80 g sugar/honey
1 pod of vanilla
200 g fresh berries
A large jar of full fat crème fraiche/sour cream

Peel the pears, keep the top on, but cut a little of the bottom in order for letting in stand in an up pine position on the plate, and then use a sharp knife to gently remove the kernel. In a pot combine elderflower juice, water, lemon juice, sugar and vanilla. Let it boil and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Add the pears and let them simmer I the juice for 10 min. Remove from heat and keep the pears in the pot under a lit until they are cool. Preferable let them be in the fridge overnight, this will enhance the flavor.
Serve the cold or warm pears (your choice) with a little of the juice, a dollop of crème fraiche and some fresh berries on the side.

Pear belle helene - A tasty love story

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  • This sounds amazing! Is crème fraiche the same thing as sour cream? And can I use elderflower cordial instead of juice? Thank you! I am a huge fan by the way – tried like 4 or 5 recipes already and every time it’s a hit! :)

    • Hi Katya
      I am so glad you like the recipes and that they become a success :) Creme fraiche is the same as sour cream yes, and I should probably have written cordial instead of juice, since it is actually what I used, will correct it asap :)


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