Pita pizzas with potato covered crust & pea sprouts – topped with lovely leftovers

Pita pizza with potato, tuna and pea sprouts

Lately our fridge has been loaded with all sorts of different leftovers. For some strange reason (or not) the majority of these have been dairy products. My wonderful internship has been providing us with all sorts of tasty samples, products and leftovers from all of the recipe testing – and we are NOT complaining.
I am the kind of girl who almost always accepts a challenge – at least when it is a challenge involving food. And lately this is exactly what my fridge has been doing. Challenging me. Every evening it has tested me big time; how can you make an awesome, sustainable and leftover dinner out of this? And I am proud to say that I have accepted the challenge – and more importantly succeeded.

Pita pizza with potato, tuna and pea sprouts

One of my favourite leftover meals are pita pizzas. It is so darn easy to make, very tasty, whole and healthy and does not involve that much cooking plus you can toss almost anything on top of your already baked ‘pizza crust’. I just make sure to always have a pack of frozen, wholegrain pita breads in the freezer, and then it is just to be creative and mix and match.
This recipe has been suited to the summer season (and my leftovers). It does not have any classic sauce on the crust, but is instead coated with cheese, thin slices of raw potato, zucchini and then drizzled with oil. I made a version with tuna and capers and a vegetarian version with avocado. Both of them topped with crunchy and sweet pea sprouts and a drizzle of lemon juice, yum!
I have had great succes with other types of filling as well. Some of my favourites include, pesto, chicken, tomato and whole leaved parsley. Or tomato sauce with a egg cracked on top and served with fresh spinach. But try your way out and don’t be shy – those leftovers need to be loved and enjoyed as much as the rest of our food.

Pita pizza with potato, tuna and pea sprouts

Pita pizza with potato, tuna and pea sprouts

  1. madscarmadscar06-20-2013

    Uau this is amazing:) I love it!

  2. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene06-20-2013

    Well thank you – I assure you they are gooood :)

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