Raw Carrot Cake Cookie Dough Bites

Raw carrot cake cookie dough bites - A tasty love story

When spending the majority of my time studying, it has become more relevant than ever to develop and create delicious healthy snacks. It really improves the quality of my day and sometimes productivity when I know that just within the next hour I’ll get an energy packed treat accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee.
One of my favourite treats so far has been these little carrot bites. They look adorable, has a perfect size, are easy to bring to the library and yes taste exactly like moist carrot cake batter – yum!

Raw carrot cake cookie dough bites - A tasty love story

Dates are the sole sweetener in these and if you have a very sweet tooth you can add a couple extra. Coconut, carrots, nuts and seeds fills the bites with nutrients and they actually provides satiety and goes easy on the blood sugar. You can flirt around with spices and flavour them after your own preference. I found that the orange zest really boost the flavour and next time I’ll try adding fresh grated ginger as well.
So if you like me love a little treat even if it is for studying, after/before workout or as movie snacks these are highly recommended and may I add quite addictive!

Raw carrot cake cookie dough bites - A tasty love story

Raw carrot cake cookie dough bites - A tasty love story

  1. DenaDena11-11-2013

    These look delicious. I think I will make a batch to send my son at university for exams week….but I’ll be sure to save some for me, too.
    Happy studies!

  2. Pernille LauritsenPernille Lauritsen11-11-2013

    Hej Josephine.

    Hvad er dates? Oversættelsen siger datoer…


  3. SoffieSoffie11-12-2013

    Hej Pernille

    Dates er dadler

    – Soffie

  4. What a great idea! These look lovely, will definitely give them a try :)


    How long do these keep for? In the refrigerator I guess? Could I make with yogurt instead of the coconut oil do you think? Can’t wait to try these out. Carol

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene11-12-2013

      Mine kept well for 5 days :) I would not substitute oil with yoghurt – the coconut oil hardens when refrigerated and the yoghurt would probably make them soggy. Omit the oil if you do not want the fat or simply change with butter.

  6. Pernille LauritsenPernille Lauritsen11-12-2013

    Lavede dem i aftes… har lige rullet dem i mandelmel….. vi havde ikke kokosolie, så brugte rapskim olie, figner i stedet for dadler, minus solsikkekerner, både med mandler og lidt valnødder og med citron skal… de er bare gode :-) Og min søn har godkendt dem, da han lige var kommet sig over der var rå gulerødder i….. Åh Josephine kom glad med flere opskrifter, vi venter i spænding hver gang…. (selv om jeg er noget udfordret af at mange af ingredienserne ikke kan købes i vores lille landsby Brugs)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene11-12-2013

      Det lyder fantastisk Pernille, dejligt at de blev gode, og det er jo så fedt at man kan tilpasse opskriften til hvad man har i skabene og hos den lokale købmand :) Jeg lover fortsat at komme med flere opskrifter, hehe, jeg kan jo slet ikke lade være..

  7. i could take several of these for my snack, pre and post work as well :)

  8. MaryMary11-30-2013

    I made these, and they tasted way to delicious! Thank you for posting the recipe :-) I have a question for you – do you use wordpress.com or wordpress.org ? :)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene12-02-2013

      That is great to hear, they are a winner here as well. And I use wordpress.com :)

  9. Rebecca AvernRebecca Avern02-05-2014

    Hi Josephine. I love these – as I do your other recipes that I’ve tried. And so do my children – even the one who has been a “fussy” eater. Maybe she just has really high standards in food……!
    Do you think it’s OK to freeze this dough?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene02-09-2014

      Yep, I know it is okay, I tried it and it worked perfect :) So glad to hear that you can all the children in on these healthy treats, then there is nothing better :)

  10. TarrynTarryn05-09-2014

    I’m loving these as a study snack! Loving exploring your gorgeous website also! Your photography is beautiful. Thank you from Australia :)

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