Raw chocolate porridge with fresh fruit and fibre

Raw chocolate porridge w. fresh fruit

Oh you guys, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this with you! Not only because it has become my favourite snack meal/breakfast, but also due to the fact that it is a tribute to spring and all the amazing light summer meals that melts our hearts this time a year!
I’ve been spamming my Instagram pretty much with pictures of my chocolate porridge experimenting – but I am pleased to say that this version is my absolute favourite one, and in fact the healthiest, ha!
The story behind this chocolate breakfast obsession is that I started following a pretty cool surfer chick from Australia (again on Instagram, I know I am addicted). Well she keeps posting these awesome exotic looking shakes, puddings, porridges and juices – all looking really colourful and so tasty. You can imagine that I ended up craving all these wonders without a clue on how to make them. That is when I started experimenting – on a daily basis!

coconut flakes and grapes

Normally I am not really a chocolate-breakfast kind of girl – in my world it is a bit too early to get a chocolate fix and most days I prefer an egg and toasted rye bread. But after an early workout or if the sun is really trying to impress me with warmth and sunshine – I sometimes give in and have this for breakfast! Else I can really recommend trying it as an afternoon snack, dessert or included in a brunch. This was the same feedback I got from my best friend who tried the recipe: Post running snack, yes please!

Raw chocolate porridge w. fresh fruit

After all the test runs of these different porridge variations, some including: chia seeds, nuts, chocolate milk, cocoa nibs, avocado etc. I ended up with a perfect and cheap version using only; rolled grains, flax seed, cocoa, milk and fruit!
The procedure is pretty easy, you soak rolled grains with milk and flax seed overnight or a couple of hours. Next morning you add the rest and blend until it is smooth and creamy and serve it with fresh fruit. Sometimes I add a bit of topping as roasted coconut flakes or nuts, but really you can do whatever you want. You can even leave out the chocolate if you prefer it without and instead add a bit of spices as cardamom and vanilla and enjoy it as a raw fruit porridge.
The finished porridge keeps well in the fridge for 2-3 days as long as you store it in an airtight container. This way it becomes a perfect and easy to-go breakfast. You just arrange a portion in a jar with some fresh fruit on top the night before and bring it with you when you leave in the morning. I thought this was so good when I travelled to Copenhagen this week, a healthy and delicious breakfast on the move, yum!

Chocolate porridge with fresh fruit

Chocolate porridge with fresh fruit

  1. AnneAnne04-28-2013

    Hej Josephine!
    Er det havregryn du lægger i blød?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-28-2013

      Hej Anne. Ja det er det, men også spelt flager, bygflager, rugflager – hvad der nu lige er i skabet :) Og så sammen med hørfrø og mælk!

  2. ZoeZoe04-29-2013

    I have to confess to being very partial to cocoa products around breakfast time to the point where I have added cocao to hot porridge too! hehe. So this is a VERY welcome post and I have flax seeds sitting in the cupboard just waiting for me to find something to do with them. Done! Thanks for a lovely post.

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-29-2013

      Amazing! I love when a recipe of mine is fitting into others food cravings and likings :) And there is just something magical about chocolate in cold servings, I think you’ll love this raw porridge it really brings out the flavour of the chocolate, yum!

  3. Jill BrownJill Brown04-29-2013

    I can’t remember when I last had chocolate at breakfast, but this looks healthy & delectable enough to try. And there’s a packet of cacao sitting unloved in the cupboard . . . I’m going to make it with hemp seeds. Gorgeous little mouthfuls of protein & fat, not really sweet but somehow tasty. Thanks!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-29-2013

      Sounds amazing! I think this recipe will suit you well, since it is not too sweet or dessert like, but velvet soft and filling :)

  4. BlandineBlandine04-29-2013

    I really love the look of these breakfast beauties! I’m really into raw prorridge for breakfast these days, so this will make a lovely recipe to try. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-01-2013

      You are very welcome :) I love raw porridge as well, it greeds the summer and makes your body feel so good!!

  5. Maria SMaria S05-01-2013

    Hvor/hvordan omregner du fra cups til gram etc.?
    Jeg har ikke et cupmål og da jeg læser mange amerikanske blogs er det svært at prøve dem af, når jeg ikke kender til den præcise omregning. Jeg har søgt flere steder på nettet men jeg synes de alle sammen siger noget forskelligt, hvilket bare gør at jeg endnu mindre tør at give mig i kast med opskrifterne, af frygt for katastrofer. Og det er jo synd!
    Ps. så på instagram at du havde lavet nogle minigaletter, som du ville lægge på bloggen. Hvornår kommer de? :-)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-01-2013

      Hej Maria.
      Som du kan se i opskriften er 1 cup svarende til 250 ml flydende væske. Dvs 1 cup = 2,5 dl. Så selvfølgelig svinger vægten altid afhængigt af hvilke råvarer du bruger (gryn, yoghurt, mel etc.) Så hvis du bare bruger dit deciliter mål, og husker på at 1 cup er 2,5 dl, så skulle det ellers være lige til. Jeg prøver også altid at skrive gram på, så alle kan være med :)
      De små galettes tror jeg bliver postet i næste uge – dem kan du godt glæde dig til!
      De bedste hilsner fra Josephine

      • Maria SMaria S05-01-2013

        Okay, jamen jeg har faktisk også altid troet at 1 cup var 2,5 dl, men da det så var forskelligt med vægten på cupmålet af de forskellige ingredienser, selv meltyper, blev jeg bare virkelig usikker, og så var jeg ligepludselig i tvivl om decilitermålet også ændrede sig. Amen jeg ved ikke hehe. Men tusind tak for svaret, nu kan jeg roligt bare holde mig til decilitermålet for at være på den sikre side! Så er det ikke så uoverskueligt at omregne :-)
        Uha, ja det vil jeg gøre! Bager stadig dine breakfast bars – de er virkelig et hit ;-)
        Vh. Maria

  6. DeaaDeaa05-01-2013

    yesterday this was my son’s breakfast and it was the first time i tried chocolate with oatmeal. My 3 year old is totally in love with it. He asked for it today as well and i have packed it as lunch for him…Thank you for the wonderful kid friendly recipe..

  7. sweetkomalsweetkomal05-04-2013

    Hi! I love your blog and I’m currently working two jobs, one as a head chef and another as a catering tutor in a special needs college. I’m wanting to eventually become a nutritionist. Is that what you are studying for at the moment? Do you have any advice and what job opportunities you will have once completing your degree? Thanks so much for your time x

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-04-2013

      Hi There. I study a professional bachelor in nutrition and health – special line: health and life style education. So I do become a nutritionist and personal trainer! I am finished in february and then I will probably take my master next summer. I think the job possibilities are okay, depending on what you want and where you live. But you should definitely go for it, I love it! And thank you so mush for your kind words about the blog.

  8. CamilCamil05-09-2013

    Hi Josephine,

    What would be the name of rolled grains in danish? Did you mean rolled oats? Which one did you use?
    Thanks :-)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-10-2013

      Hi Camil.
      Yes it could be rolled oats, but other grain ‘flakes’ as well – we have spelt flager, byg flayer, rug flager – and all of these will be delicious as well :)

  9. CristelCristel07-12-2013

    Hi J!
    I whipped a batch of your choc porridge and had it for brekkie this morning – it is amazing!
    I used goat’s milk to soak the grains and homemade apple sauce instead of the fresh apple and banana when blitzing (I wanted to keep my [one] banana for the topping…) it worked great. I’m really looking forward to eating the second half tomorrow. Thank you so much for such a fab recipe ;)

  10. RuthieRuthie08-07-2013

    Have you tried with natural yoghurt instead of milk? I mix oats with mashed ripe banana, flax seed, ground almonds and natural yoghurt and I love eating it with my toddler. I call it my summer porridge :o) Sometimes I use other fruit like rhubarb and raspberry, but add some agave nectar for sweetness. Going to try your version of ‘summer porridge’ out on my husband who will eat hot porridge every single morning but just has the bare minimum oats and milk!

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