Sesame and honey spread plus some very well deserved bread attention

Sesame & honey spread on vegan bread

Oh Nooooo – I just spend 1 hour writing a post that just suddenly disappeared!!

That said – let’s move on.. Lately I have been making a lot of different dished both from my own experimental recipes and speaking of…the whole apartment is smelling like chicken, pesto and spinach lasagne right now – SO exciting! But I have actually also followed recipes that wasn’t my own creation which has been really cool and giving. Normally I am horrible when it comes to following a recipe. I always end up adding, removing and changing so many things that in the end I have created a new recipe. This is really beneficial if you wanna develop recipes, but pretty annoying if you actually for once want to try how the newest salad from Good Things Grow taste like…

Sesame & honey spread on vegan bread

A couple of weeks ago I did the magic thing and followed a recipe from the beginning to the end. The life changing loaf of bread from My New Roots. It is a quite popular bread and many of you have probably already made it, tasted it or are planning to try it very soon. I think it is lovely and it does remind me of the grain free paleo bread which is very popular at the moment too – remember thisThe great thing about Sara’s bread is that it is vegan and even though it is filled with nuts and seeds it still contains some lovely grains in the shape of oat, which gives a lot of fibre and a little less calories than you’ll get from the nuts and seeds.

Sesame apple dip

Well, what’s a bread without a spread? In this case you can actually enjoy the bread as it is because it’s so rich in taste and texture, but that would not be very fun. So I made a super Sesame & Honey Spread to enjoy on a slice of toasted bread. Turns out that this spread is absolutely adorable and highly addictive. It is fantastic on toasted bread (here any whole grain bread counts), in smoothies. as apple dip, on pancakes, in porridge or just straight from the spoon!
This sesame butter-spread-dip-topping (you name it) is a lovely addition to the already huge nut butter family. It differs in the fact that it is has some sweetness to it and is very aromatic (Note: use dark, thick, unhulled tahini) meaning that it will provide any dish with a little extra touch and some flavour luxury.
Are you tempted to try it? If not imagine these pancakes with a lovely thick layer of Sesame & Honey Spread topped with fresh fruit and berries – bet you’re running to the kitchen now, ha.. At least I am – and not only to eat an entire chicken lasagne on my own!!

Sesame & honey spread on MNR's life changing bread

Good spring karma, yours
Josephine Malene

Sesame & honey apple dip

  1. Ha, I’m also like that when it comes to following recipes! The experimental nature so often gets in the way.

    That’s a great healthy looking bread and your spread looks so delicious on top of it!

  2. JacquiJacqui04-04-2013

    I love how thick and rich this spread looks! Sounds like it works on so many things. I’ve been meaning to try out that bread recipe too!

    And I’m absolutely terrible about following recipes! Even when I really try, I seem to change at least something. But I think that’s what makes a great cook, so I say keep experimenting and making something your own!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-04-2013

      I do agree very much, just sometimes you can actually learn some really good things from others recipes, either flavour combination, cooking methods or something else. But yes, experimenting is definitely what provides new recipes in my life and here on the blog :) And I do plan on making that lovely salad soon…according to the actual recipe ;)

  3. Pernille LauritsenPernille Lauritsen04-04-2013

    Kære Josephine.

    Stod lige og lavede hummus og så måtte jeg da bare prøve denne opskrift – Min store datters første kommentar var: “Den smager lidt lige som Sneakers i starten…” Sød, anderledes men faktisk meget god… tak for inspiration – æææælsker din blog og dine opskrifter!

    Kh Pernille (din mors veninde/kollega) :-)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-04-2013

      Åh hvor lyder det fantastisk, sikke en sammenligning, ikke dårligt for et glas tahin og lidt honning ;) Det er så skønt at I fortsat bruger bloggen derhjemme, jeg er super glad for kunne spæde til med lidt ny mad inspiration.
      Knus fra Josephine

  4. Lucy SeniorLucy Senior04-25-2013

    Keep on making this by the bucketload Josephine!! Been having it on caraway rye with sliced pear yum yum!!

  5. Pernille LauritsenPernille Lauritsen04-28-2013

    Hej Josephine.

    I forbindelse med ikke altid at følge opskrifter, eller at blive inspireret : Vi havde lige en lille rest tilovers af denne spread (hvad kalder du den på dansk?)
    Og så havde vi lige købt en bøtte med lakridspulver fra Urtekram – to små kugler blev trillet og rullet i lakridspulveret… et sats… men uhm… en lille lækker mundfuld…. fredagsslikken har fået en konkurrent :-)

    Kh Pernille

  6. Kenneth NimpamyaKenneth Nimpamya09-09-2013

    Hi Josephine..
    I landed on this beautiful page ( thanks to you) when i was searching information on how to make and pack a Sesame & Honey spread for Supermarkets. i love the fact that it can be used on different “things” something about shelf life if not refregerated?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene09-09-2013

      Glad you landed here too :) I am not quite sure, guess it won’t be a problem due to high sugar and fat content, but I always keep mine in the fridge just to be sure.

  7. Kenneth NimpamyaKenneth Nimpamya09-14-2013

    Thanks again Josephine. A little curious here. do i roast the sesame or i use it row?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene09-16-2013

      No need to roast the seeds, just buy a unhulled tahini, it has a deeper flavour!

      • Kenneth NimpamyaKenneth Nimpamya09-20-2013

        Thanks Josephine, i’ll be in the kitchen this weekend!

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