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Red Christmas Salad

Red christmas salad - A tasty love story

Holidays often revolve around food. All traditions seem to be bound on special menus that all vary from country to country and within religions and cultures. This is so exciting and I am not the one to complain about food overload and taste explosions. I just believe that you have to do a little mindful food-planning before the next Holiday knocks on the door and we run to the supermarkets followed by the kitchen. First thing is to keep food waste to a minimum. This is not always easy but if you use an hour or two to plan before shopping and think about the versatility of your groceries you’ll come along way – and I always choose freeze over through. Next thing is to buy organic as often as possible. My primary reasons for choosing organic are to take care of our environment, my body and to make sure that the animals I choose to eat have had the best possible life.

Red christmas salad - A tasty love story

The Traditional Christmas dinner in Denmark often holds both a roasted duck and a pork roast. Pork is in general one of the stars during Christmas and it is used for a variety of danish Christmas classics. Luckily organic pork is starting to glow and most supermarkets now have a broad selection to a reasonable price. This allows people to actually consider the organic options and I believe many find that both their conscience and tastebuds benefits from the organic choice.
So in honour of all the outdoor-living organic pigs I have created this Christmas salad. It compliments the flavour of pork while it is filled with seasonal ingredients and some of my favourite Christmas flavours. Dates, apples and nuts makes it rich and Christmasy while herbs and cabbage makes it fresh and light. The dressing is a very special recipe I got from a friend of mine. It is made out of fresh cranberries, red onion, mustard, honey and olive oil. It is thick and creamy like a dressing for a coleslaw and has the most beautiful colour. It might seem weird but trust me it is absolutely adorable.
Despite all the talk about meat this salad is actually a great vegetarian and even vegan option during Christmas. And no matter what salads are always welcome on the Christmas table and this year I will bring this to our table maybe accompanied by my Kale & Pomegranate Salad from last year.

Red christmas salad - A tasty love story

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Red Christmas salad
Serves 6-8 as a side dish

1 small organic red cabbage (around 1 kg)
1 cup mixed and chopped herbs (basil, mint and parlsey)
2-3 red apples, thinly sliced
15 chopped dates
100 g lightly roasted walnuts, chopped

Cranberry dressing
1 cup fresh cranberries (100 g)
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp honey
½ red onion
100 ml olive oil
A pinch of salt and fresh pepper

Slice your cabbage as thin as possible, using a food processor, mandolin or very sharp knife.
In a blender or food processor add all of the ingredients for the dressing. Blend until creamy and smooth. Mix the dressing thoroughly into the cabbage. Add the remaining ingredients and mix until evenly combine. Save a little nuts and herbs for topping and serve the salad.

Red christmas salad - A tasty love story

Comments (13)

  • Beautiful. Happy holidays.

  • love the cranberry dressing.

    • Me too, so different and very tasty. Can be applied on all sorts of cabbage salads as well!

  • It looks lovely – nothing beats the color of red cabbage!

    • I agree, have been on a red cabbage trip this Christmas..and loved it!

  • Ih, det ser godt ud. Elsker ideen med tranebær-dressingen :-)

    • Tusind tak! Er også vild med den dressing selv, synes det er sjovt når man kan udfordre den alm. olie eddike dressing ;)

  • Such a vibrant, beautiful salad! It’s summer here in Australia so this is a perfect recipe for the season. Love it, I’m definitely going to make your dressing (I do make a similar salad already but never with that vibrant pink cranberry dressing!). Thanks Josephine! xx

    • Uh hope it turns out well, it is wonderful how it can both be a summer salad and a Christmas classic :)

  • Den er så dansk! for evig forelsket med denne salat! ;)

  • I would like to receive emails of your dishes.

    • You can submit to my recipes by using the follow+ link it the bottom right of the screen :)


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