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FroYo gone Bananas – Ice Cream for Breakfast, Say What!!

Banana ice cream - A tasty love story

At the beginning of the summer Aarhus got it’s first Frozen Yoghurt Shop. People went a little crazy and everyday there was a huge line in front of the shop regardless of time and weather. I tried it and it was ok, not anything special, but on the other hand veeery expensive. Slowly during the summer one FroYo shop after the other opened it’s doors and now our little city has at least 6 frozen yoghurt places, in my opinion it’s just a little over the top compared to how many sunshine hours we have per resident.
I really do like the natural plain frozen yoghurt, if it is not sweetened too much, and I like dressing it with fruit, nuts and a little chocolate. The other 10 different flavours and artificial rainbow coloured candy topping I really do not get – wasn’t frozen yoghurt supposed to be a healthier alternative, maybe not?
My very own summer favourite this year is a little different from frozen yoghurt but it’s still comparable on the ice cream front. I have discovered the delicious simplicity of banana-ice cream (I know I am hopelessly late here) but OMG – I knew bananas were lovely and that they can be and do almost everything, but I was actually a little shocked how amazing the banana ice cream (read: ice cream made entirely our of frozen bananas) really is!
So now I was thinking that since the whole FroYo went a little bananas this summer, why not literally make the concept go bananas!   Well I did and here it is… I simply made a portion of plain banana ice-cream, you could add powdered cocoa, espresso or berries to twist the flavour of the base, and then you arrange a variation of different awesome toppings and dress your ice cream as you please. You can even buy coloured cups and wooden spoons to make the experience FroYo authentic. I personally go bananas a couple of times a week…sometimes even for breakfast!

Banana ice cream - A tasty love story

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Banana Ice Cream with various Healthy Toppings
Serves 4

4 ripe frozen bananas (peeled and cut into pieces)
1/2 tsp ground vanilla
2/5 cup milk (I used half water half coconut milk) 100 ml

Fresh berries and fruits
Liquorice powder
Cocoa nibs
Seeds, nuts and nut butter
Fresh mint
Roasted coconut
Chocolate Granola  
Raspberry mash (150 g raspberries mashed with 1 tsp coconut sugar + 1/2 tsp vanilla)

Freeze the peeled and sliced bananas at least 4-5 hours  before making the ice cream. Use a really good blender (my kitchen aid does not do the job) or preferable a food processor. Add frozen bananas, vanilla and half of the milk. Blend on high speed. First it will get crumbly and you might need to scrape down the sides. Keep blending until it slowly starts to assemble. Add a little liquid at the time to help the texture become creamy, but not to much you would like it to be ice cream in stead of milk shake.
When done you can place the ice cream in the freezer while you prepare the topping.
Serve the ice cream in bowls and divide all the various topping into small bowls and design you own perfect ice cream.

Banana ice cream - A tasty love story


You can easily make delicious popsicles as well and they even get the perfect sorbet soft texture. You can add all different flavours to the popsicles too and swirl in both berries, jam, liquorice and chocolate, so damn delicious! One portion makes around 10 popsicles – absolutely perfect when you have a summer snack attack!

Banana ice cream - A tasty love story

Comments (13)

  • Hvor er de flotte skåle fra?

    • Det er en blanding af den danske keramikker W ¼rtz og så lidt Ilva :)

  • Love this idea, it could definitely get me off my English muffin kick!

    • Hehe, it might be a good switch :) though those muffins are quite adictive too.

  • I LOVE doing this, too. I usually do it for dessert though– but when I first discovered banana soft serve, I did have my share of it layered with almond milk soaked oats for breakfast :)

    • Oh yes, it really is SO good! Just had a portion with cocoa and topped with whipped cream (not a breakfast, hehe). I am not entirely sure I’ll ever eat normal ice cream again, why should you when you can have this :)

  • Jeg er selv lidt for afhængig af blendede, frosne bananer. Ud over at smage isen til med cacao eller bær, synes jeg også det smager god at bruge fx kokosmælk eller frugtgrød. Uhm. :-)
    mvh sbj ¶rg

    • Ja det er præcis det er så fedt ved denne is, det er mega let og alt smager som en drøm!

  • loving the sound of a banana ice cream, definitely craving a scoop. looks delicious!

    • Oh you should try it quite addictive, but luckily so healthy and simple!

  • I recently had banana ice cream for the first time, I love your topping ideas. I wonder if there is a hot version for winter, maybe a banana custard type thing!

  • What an indulgent breakfast; I love this idea!


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