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Breakfast Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast beetroot smoothie bowl - A tasty love story

Many of you might have noticed that the blog has been a little unstable the last couple of weeks. As the mother of this blog it has been kind of nerve wrecking and caused some sleepless nights. But currently we (read: a very talented and helpful guy) are working on improving the site. So hopefully in the future you will not experience any black-outs or trouble accessing the site, and thereby no problems getting hold of your favourite recipes here on the site. Because thinking of you on the middle of cooking, suddenly losing your manuscript for the masterpiece you’re making is something of a nightmare guess it could be a clue to get that cookbook going so you would always have the recipes on hand!

Breakfast beetroot smoothie bowl - A tasty love story

Well since I am feeling pretty guilty here, I do feel the need to pamper you big time!! So I created this frozen smoothie bowl. Not only does it have an incredible color, it also contains vegetable AND at the same time it feels like eating ice cream for breakfast bam! Who does not wanna eat delicious and healthy ice cream for breakfast, at least during summer time this kinda rocks!
Beetroot seems to go really well in the sweet kitchen, I have previously used it in Cake and Cupcakes and in sweet and fresh Vegetable Juice. I still dream of making a rich beetroot and dark chocolate ice cream as I have seen amazing Hugh from River Cottage does in his veggie program but this Ill have to experiment with before serving the recipe to you.

Breakfast beetroot smoothie bowl - A tasty love story

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Breakfast Beetroot Smoothie Bowl
Serves 2

2 frozen bananas
100 g frozen berries
100 g fresh beetroot, grated (1 cup)
1/4 tsp ground vanilla
3/4-1 cup milk of your choice (200-250 ml)

Seeds & nuts
Nut butter
Roasted coconut flakes
Fresh berries
Banana & chocolate granola
Buckwheat bars

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender or foodprocessor and blend until you have a creamy thick smoothie. Pour the smoothie into two bowls and top with you preferred topping – serve straight away.

Breakfast beetroot smoothie bowl - A tasty love story

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