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Blackberry & Feta Galettes

I am absolutely crazy about cheese. I love all kinds of different cheese varying from blue cheese, to caramelized brown Norwegian goats cheese. One of cheeses I use the most at home is feta cheese, often I go for the goat version, but I like to vary them and there is nothing like a good old Greek salad filled with soft and mild feta.
The funny thing about cheese is that you can use it in so many ways. I have actually just made a blog post at Apetina on how to use feta cheese in many different ways. And lately I have been experimenting a lot on how to approach this wonderful food. I have found that dessert work quite well with cheese. Both in the classic way with honey dripping nuts, fresh figs and dried dates served with a big lump of salty mature cheese. But also in new and very different ways where feta cheese has been added to cheesecakes and frostings.

Blackberry and feta galette - A tasty love story

One of my new favourite dessert cheese recipes will have to be these blackberry galettes with feta cheese. I am a real pie kind of girl, and I really love the look of these beautiful rustic galettes. The blackberries are in season right now and I can simply walk into my garden and pick some if I feel like making this dessert. Instead of adding a whole lot refined sugar I thought it was more delicious to make a date-caramel and smear across the whole grain crust, then I topped it of with blackberries and salty feta cheese (the soft kind that can melt a bit) and you get a perfect flavor combination and some wonderful individual sized dessert pies. The pies freeze well and I made a big batch and saved half in the freeze for the next time I have a dinner or brunch.
You’ll find this recipe at here  make sure to check it out, it is absolutely wonderful and so easy to make!

Blackberry and feta galette - A tasty love story

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  • I’m crazy about cheese too and it pairs so nicely with berries!! These tarts look great!

  • I agree, cheese is wonderful!! Like how you paired it with blackberries here, I will have to try that combo.


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