Chicken Shawarma - A tasty love story
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Chicken Shawarma – Twistet & Tasty

Well it is time for Shawarma + a little competition are you ready?
Most of us living in the city can go around the corner and find a classic shawarma. And sometimes it is the classic store bought version you want, which can actually be difficult to replicate at home – what is it that they put in that dressing?? So why not go overboard and make a home-version, that only you (and all those reading this) can replicate!

Chicken Shawarma - A tasty love story

We go grab the delicious bread we love, or choose a kale leave if you wanna go grain free! Then we honor the middle-eastern world were Shawarmas originate from, and use dates, tahini and lemon in the salad! Inspired by the many small local shawarma shops in Copenhagen, I have added feta cheese too – here mashed with parsley and lemon. All these flavors  pair amazingly with chicken and ‘e voila we have ourselves a homemade twisted shawarma!
I made this recipe as a part of a competition – where the goal is to twist a classic, and inspire everyone to go twist those classics at home! Head over to Apetina to get the recipe and read more about the little competition which takes place at Instagram!!

Chicken Shawarma - A tasty love story

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