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Summer Plum Compote

Once again we have been harvesting a whole lot of ripe and very delicious plums from our little green garden. I always get a little overwhelmed by the huge amount of fruit and I instantly start to plan how I can get the most out of it. This year I went for a simple but very versatile solution. I decided on a plum compote. One you can add to the cheese platter, enjoy with a juice chicken leg or use on top of your morning yoghurt. The result was wonderful and even though I thought I made a HUGE portion, we are already halfway through the portion.

Summer plan compote - A tasty love story

Just to make a little status report here on one of my rare posts (sorry). We are about 8 weeks away from the arrival of our baby – this is SO exciting and I honestly cannot wait. As you might have seen on Instagram I have finally handed in my Master Thesis (in human nutrition) and in about 10 days it is done, defended and I can finally get on maternity leave – YES! The big move is done too – 5 weeks ago we moved into our new house and I am finally starting really to feel home and I absolutely love it here, especially my new AMAZING kitchen, which I am enjoying cooking in big time. Meaning that hopefully in between baby burps and lack of sleep, I will be able to produce wonderful creations there that I can then share with you guys here on the blog. All in all, everything is just as it should be and I am enjoying how everything is slowly falling into place.

Summer plan compote - A tasty love story

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Summer Plum Compote
Makes 1 liter

1 kg ripe plums
6-8 Tbsp. sugar or sweetener after your choice (adjust according to the sweetness of your plums)
1 vanilla bean, sliced lengthwise
4 cardamom pods
¼ cup water/lemon or orange juice

Cut the plums into halves, remove the stone. Cut into smaller chunks if your plums are larger, or just leave them in halves if smaller and you prefer a chunky compote. Transfer the plums into a large pot and add the remaining ingredients. Slowly heat the compote under a lit until it begins to boil, then turn down the heat and let it simmer for approximately 15 – 20 min. Remove the lit and let it simmer a little longer until you like the texture. My compote was a little liquid with a lot of juice/sirup, which I think is delicious when you pour it onto yoghurt.
Remove the cardamom pods and pour the hot compote onto clean glass jars and add the lit while hot. Store the compote in the fridge. Keeps well for a couple of month (when not opened) and around 2-3 weeks after it has been opened.

Summer plum compote - A tasty love story

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  • Hi Josephine,
    I’ve been following and using your blog for a couple of years and never posted a comment, but as it is the best healthy food blog I read, I thought it was about time I told you! I follow several of the popular whole-food based food blogs and cook from all of them and I have to say that yours is the most consistently successful in terms of flavour, simplicity and feasibility, i.e. your recipes really work and are fantastically delicious! Thank you so much for your generosity with your time and cooking skills. I also wanted to wish you all the best with the birth and congratulate you on the MSc! I doubt you’ll have the time to blog often with a new baby but I look forward to seeing whatever you can manage. I’m sure, with your passions and skills, you will be an awesome Mum.
    The plum compote is super – cardamom is such a beautiful addition to stewed plums. I’ve been making it weekly since you posted this because it outshines all of our other ways of eating plums (which is quite difficult given how much we adore plums!).
    Thank you once again,

    • Dear Nancy
      Thank you SO much for your kind words – that really made my day (and I really need that right now just sitting here waiting for the baby to come any day now). Whenever I get in doubt about the whole blogging and using a lot of time on it, it is differently words like yours that makes me keep on going, so thank you!
      All the best Josephine

      • Hang in there! Sounds like not long now and I sympathise hugely (literally!) – in fact it was imagining you feeling so tired, enormous and uncomfortable that made me realise how wrong it was for me not to write and let you know. I had twin boys last year so the pregnancy memories are still very fresh! I’m super-impressed that you’re still managing to create amazing recipes at this stage in your pregnancy. I’ll be trying the apple cake this week with our boys toddling around my feet, and am really looking forward to tasting it (and I will comment when I do)! Best best of luck with everything to come, Nancyx


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