Autumn apple cake - A tasty love story
Autumn Cake Dessert

Autumn Apple Cake – while waiting for the baby…

Autumn has officially arrived, still we have quite the summer feeling here in little Denmark and the sun has been a steady companion during most of September. I have actually reached the point where I long for grey days and colder temperatures. I guess it is a mixture of being a real autumn-girl and being very pregnant. It is easier to feel good about resting on the couch when the sky is grey than when the sun is out. Well yesterday I actually woke up to the sound of rain and felt inspired to begin the morning in the kitchen with a few candle lights, baking a spicy autumn treat.

Autumn apple cake - A tasty love story

Since apples are in season right now and juicy apples are abundant in gardens and on the shelves in the super market I thought it was appropriate to use them. I have a crush on both apple cake and moist carrot cake – always with a layer of cream cheese frosting, hence a combination of these two was the first thing that cross my mind. The result was wonderful and the cake is actually half apple & carrot / half batter – which results in a very moist cake. The fairly large chunks of walnuts add a bit of texture and crunch – and the warm spices pack the cake with flavour. I have made the cake twice now and it keeps wonderful for several days in the fridge and is a perfect afternoon treat as well as a little sweet treat along with your breakfast/brunch.

Autumn apple cake - A tasty love story

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Autumn Apple Cake

3 eggs
100 g sugar
2 tbsp dark syrup, eg. maple or coconut
50 g coconut oil
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp ground cardamom & ground ginger & ground cloves
50 g whole flour
50 g rolled oats
100 g refined flour
3 apples
1 large carrot
2 handful walnuts

Cream cheese frosting
200 g full fat cream cheese
3 tbsp powdered sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla powder
Juice from 1/2 organic lemon + a little zest

Mix eggs, sugar, syrup and coconut oil and whisk thoroughly until foamy. Add spices, baking powder, oats and flour. Chop apples in small dices. Chop walnuts and grate the carrot finely. Add everything to the batter and mix it all together. Place the batter in a lined baking tray. Bake the cake at 160 ºC/325 ºF (with fan) for 40 min. Let the cake cool completely.
Mix the frosting and spread it onto the cake and top with a few walnuts before serving.

Autumn apple cake - A tasty love story

Comments (10)

  • Such a delicious cake for fall! I love apple cakes like this!

    • Me too – and the colors are even fall-approved :)

  • I have a bunch of apples in the fridge that now I know what to do with. What a lovely looking recipe!!

  • I will make this cake, while sending blessings to you, your man, and your little one! Miss your frequent blogs and amazing, creative recipes, but you have even more important and beautiful things going on right now! Be well.

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  • I know what you mean when you say you long for colder temperatures. There is something special about the scent of falls leaves, cozying up in the fluffiest of sweaters, & drinking hot cocoa and other warm beverages. There is also something special about the scent of apples and cinnamon as they bake in the oven. I can practically smell all that loveliness looking at your photos of this Autumn Apple Cake. It looks so tasty and that cream cheese frosting. . .well it certainly is beckoning me.

    • What a wonderful description of fall – it is exactly how I feel it too <3

  • This cake is beautiful! I love the idea of mixing apples,carrots, and nuts together. Can you taste the lemon in the cream cheese frosting?

    • Thank you :) Oh yes, you can taste the lemon, and it is a wonderful twist to the cake!

  • Delicious! You give me an excellent idea for dinner.
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