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Welcome to a tasty love story. A place where food is shared in all aspects. Here we should get inspired to be creative in the kitchen, and afterwards feel the love that comes when people are sharing a beautiful meal gathered around the table. I believe in whole foods, eating seasonal and organic and never being fanatic about anything. There should always be room for a bit of sweetness and comfort food, which I personally feel is an important part of a balanced diet and a healthy appetite. I am always exploring food and new recipes, and since I am living in Denmark, most of the recipes often have a nordic twist to them. My hope is to get people excited about cooking healthy, whole food and sharing recipes in an approachable way in order for you to enjoy cooking as much as I do.

A little about me
I am living in Denmark and I love every bit of it. The changes of one season to another, rainy days where you stay inside reading books, drinking a lot of coffee and eating warm muffins straight from the oven. Or the long, warm and bright summer nights where red wine and love is all you need! Further more nordic food is amazing and I love the fact that you can go find so many ingredients out in nature. Mushrooms, berries, fruit, all types of onions, flowers etc. all lovely ingredients in the tasty and beautiful nordic kitchen.
I have a bachelor in Nutrition and Health and is currently studying my master ‘Human Nutrition’ at Copenhagen university. My recipes and approach to food and health is therefore highly influenced by my professional background and I try to create and live by a diet I believe is the healthiest for my body and mind.
I live part time with my fantastic boyfriend (aka best food guinea pig ever) in Aarhus city and I have slowly transformed our kitchen into a small food lab, but oh so pretty with all the kitchen tools. The other part of my time is spend in Copenhagen where I bury my nose deep into the study books and further explore the always growing and developing food environment the city offers.
And of course I LOVE to cook and besides the blog and my education, I’m engaged in half a dozen ‘Food Clubs’. It’s something I have with friends and family, where we meet up regularly and cook for one another. This is amazing and one of the best ways to be together; eating, talking, drinking and just enjoying life and each other…definitely something I can recommend big time!
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I shoot all of my photos with a Nikon d3100 + lens 50mm f/1,8 and always in natural light. All text and photos are copyright of A Tasty Love Story.

Freelance work
I do take on freelance work that include:
– Foodstyling (both pictures and TV commercials) – I have been responsible for foodstyling of Karolines Køkken’s national TV commercials.
– Recipe development
– Food photography


You are always welcome to contact me by writing an email to: Josephine@atastylovestory.com

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  • Dearest A Tasty Lovestory….

    LOVE the STORY


    LOVE that you live your PASSION

    LOVE my babySISTER

    CONGRATS !!!!!

    Mange kys fra Storesøs ;)

  • Beautiful blog! What lovely photographs and delicious looking recipes. Wishing you Happy Holidays, Karista

    • Thank you very much, and happy holidays to you too :)
      All the best from Josephine

  • I just found your blog, I am loving every page. Today I will try your beetroot/chocolate cake, I ´m sure it will be great. Keep on writing.

  • Beautiful photos and yummy looking recipes. Found this while searching for recipes for my one year old who was diagnosed with diabetes and I want to give relatively low carb foods. The fact that there’s a nordic twist is perfect as I’m Swedish and living in Japan where there’s not a lot of scandinavian options :)

    • How wonderful :) I am pleased you found your way!

  • Mange tak for de vidunderlige opskrifter. I lived in Denmark over 30 years ago and never forgot the place! I came across your blog 4 years ago and love your recipes. Thank you for making the effort to put them on the internet. The gluten free fat free chocolate cake is a firm favourite and NEVER ceases to amaze my friends who suffer from Gluten intolerance. It brings a light to the eye and new optimism to their diet.

    • I am so pleased that you have followed for so long!! Thank you <3

  • Lovely blog and beautiful nurturing recipes to feed the soul xx

    • Thank you dear


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