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Empty-Your-Fridge-and-Cupboard Flatbread Served with My Favourite Egg Salad

Hi Guys I am writing this from beautiful Crete in the wonderful country of Greece. It is my first time here on the island, and in Greece as well, and so far I am loving all of it. I have a tendency to imagine a new place with all its details in a specific way […]

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Pita Pizzas with Potato Covered Crust & Pea Sprouts – Topped with Lovely Leftovers

Lately our fridge has been loaded with all sorts of different leftovers. For some strange reason (or not) the majority of these have been dairy products. My wonderful internship has been providing us with all sorts of tasty samples, products and leftovers from all of the recipe testing – and we are NOT complaining. I […]

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A Juicy Smoothie Going Green and Gorgeous

If I say the word ‘smoothie’ most of you, myself inclusive, probably imagine a tall purple/pink drink, filled with berries, milk, banana and other good stuff, and with the word ‘juice’ apple and orange automatically follows. But how about this greenylicious smoothie filled with vegetables instead?? I still love the classic pink berry smoothie, but […]